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Chapter 3318: 3318
Chapter 3318 Dr . Huo“s Awesome Little Sister 8

*Cough* Little Bean started coughing uncontrollably and tried very hard to change the subject .

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“Auntie, there’s a new dessert place on Chuntao Road . The coconut soup there is incredible!”

“Don’t change the topic . Tell Auntie who Gao Boyuan is?” Lu Yan wouldn’t give up .

“Auntie, why don’t you ask who Wei Yunchu is first?” Little Bean chuckled .

“Qin Mumu, do you want me to kill you…?”

“Qin Zhaozhao, can you not be so violent with me? We’re twins that are deeply connected…” Little Bean retaliated .

“Who’s connected with you… Is that how you treat your twin sister?” Pudding was very unhappy that Little Bean betrayed her at such a key moment .

“You’re the older sister . You should handle the trouble sometimes . It’s also the truth . Calm, calm…” Little Bean smiled .

“Auntie, don’t listen to her nonsense…”

Pudding leaned her head on Lu Yan’s shoulder .

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Lu Yan nodded . She gently pinched Little Bean’s cheek and said, “I’m not interested in Wei Yunchu . I’m only interested in Gao Boyuan . ”

“Auntie, how do you know about Gao Boyuan? Did Mommy tell you?” Little Bean suspected that her mother betrayed her .

“Why am I getting dragged into this…” Huo Mian was sitting in the front seat and playing on her phone .

When she heard her name brought up, she felt wronged and helpless .

“I have the best information system in the world . If I want to know something, I can find it in seconds…”

“Really? You’re bluffing!” Little Bean didn’t believe Lu Yan .

“Then why don’t I show you something . ”

Then, Lu Yan pressed a button on her watch . A user interface showed up in midair .

Lu Yan was very fast with her operations . So fast that Little Bean and Pudding couldn’t catch up .

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Then, she stopped at a search engine webpage .

“Say a name . ”

“Really? There are so many people in the world . If I say a name, wouldn’t there be a bunch of people with that name?” Little Bean still didn’t believe her .

“Try . ” Lu Yan smiled and gently hugged Little Bean by the neck .

“Okay . Ah-hem… Su Yu . ”

Little Bean shouted Su Yu’s name at the search engine that was floating in the air .

Three seconds later, Su Yu’s information appeared on the screen .

His age, his height, his weight, his horoscope, his birthplace, his home, his job, his family background, and his educational information starting from kindergarten all appeared in great detail .

There were also pictures of Su Yu from all stages of his life . There were pictures that even the twins and Huo Mian hadn’t seen before .

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This file was probably the most detailed one ever .

“Wow . Auntie, are you a spy? Are you from the information department?” Little Bean was extremely impressed and astonished .

“How about that?” Lu Yan asked with a smile .

“I surrender…” Little Bean raised her hands signaling that she surrendered . It looked very comical .

“Auntie, can you check anyone?” Pudding asked curiously as she leaned over .

“Yeah . ”

“But there are so many people with the same name . How was the system able to pinpoint the Su Yu that is our Handsome Su?” Pudding was very curious .

“This system is able to pinpoint the most famous person of that name . Su Yu is the most famous in this country with his name . ”

“Then what about ordinary people?” Pudding asked .

“Then we’d need to sift through the people with the same names . For instance, we could give the system more information, like where the person lives or how old he is . ”

“Oh . I understand now . It’s so powerful!” Pudding gave Lu Yan the thumbs up .

“I came this time in a hurry so I didn’t have time to pick a gift . What do you two want?” Lu Yan patted the twins on the head and asked .

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