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Chapter 3312: 3312
Chapter 3312 Dr . Huo“s Awesome Little Sister 2

“A high price for an appointment with me?” Huo Mian asked .

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“Yeah . ”

“How does the person look like?”

“She looks like… a young girl . She said she’s got a rare illness . ”

“But I don’t treat rare illnesses . ” Huo Mian smiled in resignation .

“I explained it to her, but she still insisted on seeing you . So, the registration office asked me to seek your opinion . ”

“I see… Let her in . We’ll just take the usual appointment fees,” Huo Mian instructed .

Nodding, Chen Jie left and Huo Mian continued reading the reports .

Five minutes later, a knock came .

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“Come in . ”

“Dr . Huo, I’ve got an appointment with you . ”

“Oh . Come in and take a seat . ” Huo Mian put down her black ball pen and beckoned at the girl .

The girl wore a simple white long shirt, a pair of pale blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers .

With her long hair draping down her back, she wore a black baseball cap .

She looked mysterious with half of her face covered by a black mask .

Glancing at her, Huo Mian wondered if she was a movie star or an internet celebrity who was trying to hide her face from people .

“Dr . Huo, it’s hard to get an appointment with you . They took a long time to agree to my request to see you,” the girl sat down and began to complain .

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“It’s not their fault . I’m pregnant and have a smaller workload . I don’t see patients now and only manage the daily operations of the hospital . ”

“Oh, I see…” The girl drawled .

“What’s troubling you?”

“I… I have lots of strange spots on my face… I don’t know what disease it is . ”

“Spots? You should see a doctor in the dermatology department . ” Huo Mian wasn’t familiar with this area and didn’t dare to give her opinion on it .

“Dr . Huo, you can’t push me to other departments . I know the doctors usually push their patients to other departments because they don’t want to take responsibility . ”

“No . It’s not like that; you misunderstood me . I meant that my specialties are OB/GYN, neurology, and orthopedics… I know something about neurosurgery, too . But I can’t treat other illnesses . If I make a mistake, I might delay your treatment . ”

“I don’t care; I trust you, Dr . Huo . ”

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The girl was stubborn . Hearing her sweet voice, Huo Mian sighed in exasperation .

“Take off your mask then . I’ll see the condition of your skin . Is it okay for you?”

The girl didn’t answer .

“Don’t worry . No matter who you are, I won’t tell anyone about your information . It’s our basic professional moral rules to protect our patients’ privacy . Trust me . ”

“Um… Okay . But, Dr . Huo, my face might scare you… I hope you don’t have trypophobia . ”

“No . ”

“You must brace yourself . The spots are many and scary…” the girl warned Huo Mian .

“Don’t worry . I can eat wontons even in front of a corpse… I won’t be scared . ”

Huo Mian stood up and took out a pair of sterilized gloves from the disinfection cabinet . Putting them on, she walked from behind her desk and stood before the girl .

She took off the mask from the girl’s face .

When the mask was taken off, Huo Mian froze, feeling as if she dreaming .

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