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Chapter 3311: 3311
Chapter 3311 Dr . Huo“s Awesome Little Sister 1

“Let’s decide it with scissors, paper, rock . The one who loses must do it,” someone suggested .

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“Damn it . Scissors, paper, rock again? Can’t we do something new?” another guy complained .

“Like what?”

“Fight the Landlord…”

Everyone stared at him in disdain .

Finally, they chose an unlucky guy through the child’s game of scissors, paper, rock . The loser mustered his courage and walked to the door to the inner cabin .

“Boss…” he called out softly .

There was no response from inside…

“Boss… We’re almost there . Please get up . ”

Still no response…

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Mustering his courage, he raised his voice and yelled, “Boss… It’s time to get up…”

Before he could finish, the door was swung open with a bam .

Meanwhile, the black muzzle of a gun was held against his head .

“Stop screaming . Don’t you know that anyone who disturbs my sleep will get killed?”

“Boss… We’re almost there . The plane is descending . You’d better get prepared to reunite with your sister,” The guy was smart and mentioned Huo Mian to calm down his boss .

Sure enough, Lu Yan’s mood lightened, and she withdrew the gun .

“Fine . I’m in a good mood and will forgive you guys . ”

She turned around and checked the flight information; sure enough, they had arrived at C City .

Leaning against the headboard lazily, she turned on the watch and dialed a familiar number .

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Ten seconds later, the call went through .

“Yan, what’s up?”

“Dad, guess where I’m now?”

“In the U . S . ?” Professor Lu thought his daughter came to see him .

“No . I don’t want to go to the U . S . I’m afraid to alert the FBI; after all, I’m on the list of red notices . ” Lu Yan chuckled .

“You sound happy . Are you going to visit your sister?”

“You do know me, Dad . Bingo . ” Lu Yan laughed .

“I told you many times not to…” Before he could finish, Lu Yan interrupted him .

“Dad, don’t lecture me, okay? This is a world for us young people . If I was a coward, I wouldn’t have gone into this profession . Besides, after my sister was kidnapped by Huo Siqian, Ian and Nalo’s men had confronted my brother-in-law’s people head-on . Ian is a psycho but not stupid; he must know my sister’s identity now . So, it’s no use for me to hide from the public view and stay away from my own sister . On the contrary, I think I can better protect my sister if I’m with her . After all, this is China and they can’t do whatever they want here . Don’t worry . ”

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“Okay . Whenever I try to lecture you, you got countless reasons to rebuff me . ” Professor Lu sounded resigned .

“Of course . My parents are both geniuses . I think very fast . ” Lu Yan was smug .

“Don’t be so smug . After you see your sister, tell me how she’s doing . ”

“If you miss her, why don’t you call her?” Lu Yan asked .

Professor Lu: “…”

“Oh . I see… Dad, you’re afraid to feel awkward when you talk to her?”

“Okay . I’m busy . Goodbye . ” Without answering his daughter, the professor ended the video call .

Lu Yan turned her watch off with a faint smile .

Feeling bored at home, Huo Mian had returned to work at South Side with Qin Chu’s permission . But she wasn’t too busy with a much lighter workload than before .

“Director, someone offered a high price at the registration office to see you . Shall we accept it?” Chen Jie entered her office and reported in a low voice .

Huo Mian looked up in surprise .

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