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Chapter 3310: 3310
Chapter 3310 Big Demon King Lu Yan 10

“No, but I wish I did so,” Su Yu said with a straight face .

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“Fu*k… Then why do you give out money as if it’s nothing? You just gave me, a stranger who met you only a few days ago, 100,000 yuan…”

“You’re not a stranger; you’re my friend,” Su Yu answered solemnly .

Hearing his words, Zeng Rou was a bit touched .

It seemed Su Yu was regarding her as his friend, not a woman irrelevant to him .

“Su Yu, it’s too much . I can’t take it . How about giving me a red packet of 9,999 yuan? Just for luck . ” (Note: In Chinese, number nine means forever . )

“You don’t want 100,000 but 9,999? Zeng Rou, are you stupid?” Su Yu scolded .

“Hahaha! Yeah, I suspect water entered my brain when I washed my hair this morning . Come on…”

Then she pressed the button to refuse the transfer, returning the 100,000 yuan to Su Yu .

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Resigned, Su Yu had to transfer 9,999 yuan to her .

“I want red packets, not transfer . ”

“Damn it . I can only put 200 yuan in one WeChat red packet; how many red packets will I need to send 9,999? Are you messing with me?”

“Fine . I was just kidding . I’ll take the money . Thank you, God-like Rich Guy Su . I’ll go and buy a plane ticket now . ”

“Good . Tell me after you book the ticket . I’ll get An to drive you to the airport . ”

“An is so skinny and I think he’s not as strong as I . Can he really protect me?” Zeng Rou teased .

“An is quite a badass . He can subdue ten guys alone . For real . Go and book the ticket; I have a meeting in a moment . ”

“Okay . ”

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Ending the call, Zeng Rou held her cellphone, feeling warm inside .

Zeng Rou got upstairs to pack up and call her friend in Singapore before booking the plane ticket .

– Meanwhile, at the Moscow airport –

“Young Master Qiao, I… can’t stay with you… I don’t want you to get in trouble because of me . ” Amy bit on her lip like a meek girl who got bullied by others .

“Forget it . Without Lu Yan’s protection, you’ll die the moment you walk out… God knows how many enemies you’ve made over these years,” Qiao Fei said mildly .

Three hours after they were gone, Lu Yan had posted an announcement on the Dark Web that Amy had been driven out of her mercenary legion .

It meant that she was no longer under Lu Yan’s protection and anyone could kill her .

It made Qiao Fei more determined to protect Amy, which was what Amy wanted .

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The moment she boarded the plane heading to Moscow, Amy thought she had defeated Lu Yan because Qiao Fei had left her .

“Young Master Qiao, I truly don’t want to become your burden . Now that I’ve got you home safely, you can go home now . I’ve saved lots of money in the past years and can live in any place with it…”

“Let’s go . ”

Qiao Fei walked toward the exit without saying more about the topic . Amy followed him with a smug smile .

“Young Master Qiao, did you really… give up on the boss? If not for me, you guys wouldn’t have ended up like this… I wish I didn’t do it…”

Hearing her words, Qiao Fei stopped and slanted a glance at Amy as he said slowly, “Sometimes, you think things would go on like this forever but find they would change in one instant . Love isn’t something you can plan . Someone who would die for you today might become a stranger tomorrow . Life is cruel; and love is the cruelest thing of all . ”

Amy couldn’t fully understand his meaning but could see Young Master was sad because Lu Yan didn’t understand and trust him .

“Young Master, I’ll… work for you whole-heartedly as your bodyguard . I’d… die for you . ”

Young Master only smiled mysteriously and didn’t speak .

– Meanwhile, on a luxurious private plane that was flying from Brazil to China –

“We’ll land in C City soon . Um… who is going to wake up our boss? She’s been sleeping like a log in the inner cabin . ” Lu Yan’s subordinates exchanged a look, but no one dared to go and wake her up .

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