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Published at 6th of July 2020 03:25:04 AM
Chapter 3309: 3309
Chapter 3309 Big Demon King Lu Yan 9

“Are you okay?” Su Yu asked .

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“I’m fine… Still alive . ”

“Be serious . ”

“I’m really fine, Young Master Su… I’m serious,” Zeng Rou said with a chuckle .

“I’m sorry to have you dragged through the mud because of Xuan . ”

“It’s fine . Just make it up to me with five million yuan . ”

Su Yu: “…”

“Haha! I was kidding . You didn’t take it seriously, right?”

“No . I wanted to tell you that sometimes the fans could be crazy . So I was wondering…”

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“What? Do you want to stay with me and protect me 24/7?” Zeng Rou teased him .

“I plan to get An to escort you back to the provincial capital and stay low for a while . If you want, you can come back after it settles down a bit . ”

“You just want to drive me away, right?”

“No, that’s not my intention,” Su Yu sounded worried .

After she was rejected by Su Yu, Nie Lingxuan felt embarrassed and decided to go to study in the U . S . Su Yu wasn’t surprised at her decision and gave her full support .

But at the same time, Zeng Rou became the scapegoat for breaking up Su Yu and Nie Lingxuan .

The people around him all knew that Su Yu had only one person in his heart in these years, and this person was Huo Mian .

Even though she was now married with children and pregnant with another baby, she was still Su Yu’s most beloved woman .

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Zeng Rou was playful and had the style of a female rogue, but she never overestimated herself .

“Su Yu, did I bring you trouble?”

“Why do you ask that?” Su Yu asked in a low voice .

“My arrival made people think you’re a scumbag who cheated on and dumped his girlfriend… I think maybe I came at the wrong time . ”

“It’s not about timing . Sometimes, you’re just caught off guard by certain things . Life isn’t life if everything goes on as planned . ”

“Damn . You sound so deep…” Zeng Rou chuckled .

“So, what’s your decision? Do you want to go home and lay low for a while?”

“It’s not my style to hide in my home . I’m not a turtle,” said Zeng Rou .

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“But the situation is not safe for you . Even with An’s protection, you might be exposed to danger . I’m afraid the fans will do something crazy to you . ”

“Are you indeed worried about me?”

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“Okay . Since you’re so sincerely concerned about my safety, I’ll… spend a few days touring abroad . I don’t want to go home and see my mom and dad’s chilly faces . In their eyes, I’m a defective product they can’t sell… Ha! If they were young, they’d give me away and have another baby…”

“Shut up . How can you talk about your parents in this way?”

“Okay, okay . I won’t joke with you . One of my high school friends now lives in Singapore and has invited me several times to visit her . Now that I’ve got time in my hands, I’ll go and visit her for a few days . ”

“Good . I’ll have people buy you the plane ticket and drive you to the airport . ”

“Don’t do it . I’ve always done my own business . You don’t have to do these for me . ” Zeng Rou was quite independent and didn’t want Su Yu to help her with these things .

Hearing her words, Su Yu didn’t pursue the topic and transferred some money to her account on WeChat .

Zeng Rou’s jaw dropped when she saw the many zeros—it was 100,000 yuan .

It seemed the rumor saying Su Yu was a god-like rich man was quite true .

“Su Yu, tell me the truth: do you have a money-printer in your family?” Zeng Rou chuckled .

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