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Chapter 3308: 3308
Chapter 3308 Big Demon King Lu Yan 8

“Do you think I’d treat my employees in this way?” Su Yu’s face turned cold instantly .

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“But President Su, we must do this for the interest of the company…”

“Interest? Do you think I need more money?” Su Yu demanded .


“That’s the end of the topic . The issue of Nie Lingxuan has been decided . I agree to let her study in the U . S . and will pay all the tuition fees for her besides a house and a car for her use in the U . S . This is what I should do for her as her boss . ”


“Shut up . Get out . ”

Su Yu was terrifying when he lost his temper . Seeing her boss get angry, the vice president didn’t dare to say more about it . Shaking her head, she walked out .

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The people in the company all knew that there was nothing between Su Yu and Nie Lingxuan since they hadn’t exchanged more than a few words in the past, so they didn’t believe a word of the rumors that Su Yu dumped her for another woman .

This event settled down, but Zeng Rou found she was dragged through the mud quite innocently .

She liked to stream, so she would occasionally talk to the players and fans on her live stream when she played King of Glory .

Ever since the incident with Nie Lingxuan, Zeng Rou had become the target of trolls .

“B*tch Zeng, you’re so scheming that you forced an list star to leave China…”

“Bitch, you won’t end well as the other woman…”

“Zeng Rou, you are ugly; does your mom know?”

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Zeng Rou replied angrily, “My mom knows it . Thank you . ”

“B*tch… You should feel ashamed of yourself . To pursue Su Yu, to marry into a wealthy family for its money and power, you moved to Su Yu’s house to badger and harass him . I heard big beauty Nie broke up with Su Yu and went to the U . S . because of you . You broke them up . Shame on you!”

“I’m not the damned third-wheel . Thank you,” Zeng Rou replied fiercely .

“You’re young, but instead of getting a boyfriend through a square and fair method, you had to steal another woman’s boyfriend . The Su Family will never agree to let a woman like you marry Su Yu . So, wake up from your dreams of marrying up . I hope you’ll be heartlessly dumped after Su Yu gets tired of you…”

“Fu*k! Does your mother know how vicious you are?” Zeng Rou was exasperated; she had never been in such a fierce verbal fight with fans before .

“Zeng Rou, I used to like you and found you funny . But I realize now that you’re a real b*tch… I’m not your fan anymore, but an anti-fan . Goodbye . ”

“Goodbye . Thank you for leaving,” Zeng Rou replied to the fans while sipping Coke from a straw .

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“That woman Zeng Rou is shameless . Let’s do a human flesh search on her… and make her suffer; she won’t be able to get out and see people . ”

“Human flesh search? Hehe… Bring it on . If you can get me through a human flesh search, I’ll call you Daddy…” Zeng Rou sneered .

The fans nowadays were very mean; they would curse and rail out without understanding the whole picture .

They even did human flesh search on people they didn’t like . Many people got depression and killed or hurt themselves due to cyberbullying and internet lynching…

The fans were young but very vicious, which upset Zeng Rou .

Yeah, she didn’t boast; with her father’s special identity, few people could get any results by human flesh searching her . Maybe even the chief of the public security bureau wouldn’t dare to do that .

At this moment, she got a WeChat voice message from Su Yu .

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