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Chapter 3307: 3307
Chapter 3307 Big Demon King Lu Yan 7

“Sister Mian, my sister…” Xixi paused midsentence .

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“It’s okay . If you can’t tell me, I won’t ask . ”

“No, it’s not something I can’t tell you . My sister told Su Yu she loved him and was rejected…” Xixi blurted out .

“Um…” Huo Mian didn’t know what to say .

“It’s my fault because I encouraged her to do it . She has loved Su Yu for so long and suffered alone without telling him how she felt about him, so I encouraged her to confess her love to him . I hoped she’d give up on him if he rejected her . But I didn’t expect she’d be so upset by his rejection . She cried all night last night with eyes all swollen up . She even posted on Weibo that she’d take a break from her work . It seems my sister has a fragile heart . But…it’s not a bad thing . I talked to my parents and think it’s a good idea for her to take a break since she won’t be focused on her work anyway . ”

“I see . ”

“Yeah . ”

“I’m sympathetic towards your sister . Su Yu is stubborn… and not easy to talk to . Your sister is a good girl, but love can’t be forced . ”

“Yeah . Sister Mian, I’ve been in love . I know how it feels . ”

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“Don’t worry . Comfort your sister . ”

“Okay . Oh, by the way, Sister Mian, Rick and I want to invite you and President Qin to dinner tonight . ”

“Whoa . I’m flattered…” Huo Mian chuckled .

“We’ll be leaving on tomorrow morning’s flight . ”

“You’re returning so soon?” Huo Mian was reluctant to see them go .

“It’s not so soon . If not for you, I might not have had the opportunity to stay here for so long . Now that you’re safe and I’ve visited my family, Rick needs to return to the U . S . since lots of things are waiting for him . You know how his work is like . ”

“I understand . Then let’s meet at dinner . Text the time and address to me on WeChat . ”

“Okay . See you tonight . ”

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“See you tonight . ”

Ending the call, Huo Mian thought about Nie Lingxuan’s departure .

She knew Su Yu wouldn’t accept Nie Lingxuan’s love since he wasn’t ready to accept any women right now .

But she was worried that the list actress that Su Yu’s Imperial Star had painstakingly promoted had quit her job .

Who would take the helm for Imperial Star?

It was indeed a problem…

But Huo Mian wouldn’t go and talk to Su Yu about this problem because she didn’t want to interfere in his business .

If they were seen by others, people might get the wrong idea about their relationship . So she decided to talk to Su Yu about it when she saw him .

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– Inside the president’s office of Imperial Star –

The vice president kept pushing up her glasses on her nose . In her forties, this woman was efficient and very capable .

Su Yu had stolen her from another company at a high price .

The vice president didn’t agree to letting Nie Lingxuan go abroad and study .

“President Su, how could you agree to let Nie Lingxuan go?”

“What else can I do?” Su Yu looked indifferent .

“She’s the pillar of our company . If she’s gone, we’ll have no female stars showing up at the Orchid Movie Festival held the next month… Cotton Candy is now in the center of negative news; Zhong Xiaocui is not a big name; only a few of our male stars are well-known . It would be a big blow to our company . You should have stopped her from leaving . ”

“She insisted on leaving; how could I stop her?” Su Yu stared at the vice president in displeasure .

“You can issue the order to blacklist her or shelter her… Female performers all care about the future of their careers . If you threaten her with it, I’m sure she’ll give in . ”

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