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Published at 4th of July 2020 04:10:07 AM
Chapter 3301: 3301
Chapter 3301 Big Demon King Lu Yan 1

“President Su…”

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“I hope you can accept me to be your girlfriend… I’ll try my best to take good care of you . ”

“Ahem…” Su Yu got into another coughing fit .

“Little Nie… I know how you feel, but Zeng Rou is now living in my home…”

Su Yu meant to use Zeng Rou as the excuse; after all, he had agreed to let her live in his house and act as his girlfriend just for this purpose .

“I know about your relationship with Miss Zeng; you two are just helping each other . ”

“Ahem… Which bastard leaked that out…” Su Yu was surprised .

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“My information is accurate . So, President Su, you don’t have to use Miss Zeng as an excuse . If you don’t like me, please just reject me directly . I won’t badger you or use any tricks . I just feel that if I don’t say these words now, I’ll never have a chance to say them . Doing this, I’m just realizing a dream that I’ve had for many years . Su Yu, I love you… I want to be with your forever; I want to grow old with you, have babies with you, sleep next to you as your wife…”

Hearing her words, Su Yu felt tingling on his scalp .

The girl looked dumb but could stun people when she opened her mouth .

“Wow! Wow! Wow…” Zeng Rou sighed .

“Miss Nie is serious . Haha… My boss looks dumbfounded…” An couldn’t help chucking .

“This declaration of love is… truly impressive… No man can resist such a beautiful girl . Finished . I think your boss is finished…”

“Why don’t you go and rescue him?” An looked at Zeng Rou .

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“Forget it . I admit defeat . I truly think the girl is good,” Zeng Rou stood up and said solemnly .

“You admit defeat just like that?” An was surprised .

“Then what? Do you want me to go out and declare my love for him, too? Haha! Su Yu wouldn’t believe me . We met only a few days ago . ”

In contrast, the girl had loved Su Yu for years .

Zeng Rou truly felt that Su Yu would do well to be with this girl .

The girl even claimed that she wanted to sleep by his side and have babies with him . Obviously, Nie Lingxuan was throwing caution to the wind .

If it was in the past, Su Yu would have declined her without hesitation .

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But this time, he was stunned .

Before he could react, Nie Lingxuan stepped up and cupped his face, kissing lightly on his lips .

It was a kiss as light as a butterfly, but it stunned Su Yu like a lightning bolt .

“Fu*k! She stole a kiss from my boss…” An was stupefied .

“I wonder if your boss will get his underpants ripped off…” Zeng Rou was also dumbfounded .

“I… don’t think so . My boss wouldn’t be seduced so easily . ” An was shocked .

Su Yu snapped to his senses and pushed Nie Lingxuan away, accidentally spraying Coke all over her dress .

“Um… I’m sorry… I truly… am not used to it,” Su Yu stammered, looking panicked .

“It’s me who should say sorry . I… was too impulsive… I just couldn’t help it . Su Yu, tell me your decision . To die or to live, my fate is in your hands . ”

“Ahem…” The girl even mentioned life and death, making it hard for Su Yu to reply .

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