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Chapter 3300: 3300
Chapter 3300 Regret for Life if You Don“t Confess 10

Nie Lingxuan continued, “I was only a minor actress at the beginning and didn’t have lots of opportunities to see you, but you didn’t look down on me because of my minor position… You even gave people like us a chance to gain public attention, which was why I could gain my fame . The company has been good to me, and you’re concerned about me . Each time after you spoke to me, your words were imprinted in my mind and I’d think about them for a long time when I got home after work…”

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Hearing her words, Su Yu blushed slightly .

“In the beginning, I thought I only admired you… But gradually, I found my feelings for you were more than admiration… When the news about your love for Dr . Huo first got out, some mocked you, some were jealous of you, some insulted you behind your back, and some egged you on… But I felt hurt for you because Dr . Huo Mian loves someone else and can’t return your feelings . I know you’ve suffered a lot with your love for her…”

“It’s all in the past . Dr . Huo… is now… my best friend,” Su Yu lied .

“I know . So, I wondered if I should tell you my true feelings about you and maybe you can give me a chance . President Su, I truly like you and have liked you for years . I fell in love with you soon after I joined Imperial Star . But unlike other women, I didn’t fall in love with you because of your money or your family background . I like only you, the real you . Even if one day you were no longer the president of Imperial Star or the prince of the Su Family, I would still stay with you just like every couple in the world, living an ordinary life; I’d do laundry for you, cook for you, chat about the ordinary things with you; we’d rant about the difficulties in life, talk about our dreams, and imagine our future…”

Nie Lingxuan in fact had the gift of gab, but she seldom talked so much due to her shy and introverted personality .

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Su Yu hadn’t known that Nie Lingxuan could be so eloquent when she got serious .

Her words were not fancy but very warm and sincere .

In the house, An and Zeng Rou were also listening attentively .

“Nie Lingxuan is so eloquent . I didn’t know that… She’s really been pretty low-key,” An shook his head and exclaimed .

“Just as the saying goes: you can’t judge a person by his looks and the ocean water is indeed cold…” Zeng Rou said .

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“Pu… The saying is: you can’t judge a person by his looks and can’t measure the water in the ocean with a dipper . Miss Zeng, I’m not a reader, so don’t trick me . ” An glanced at Zeng Rou in disdain .

“Hahaha! Don’t take it to heart, boy . It’s a joke on the internet . ”

“You are still joking? Miss Zeng, do you still have the heart to make jokes at this moment? Someone is declaring their love for our President Su . ” An looked more worried than Zeng Rou was .

“So what? What do you think I should do?”

“Aren’t you worried?”

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“Will she stop expressing her love just because I’m worried? Do you think I should cover her mouth? It’s not necessary . Listen to her . She spoke very well and it’s obvious that she has loved Su Yu for a long time . If I were Su Yu, I’d be moved…”

“But you’re our President Su’s official girlfriend, right?” An reminded her .

“But we are just helping each other . We don’t interfere in each other’s affairs… If Su Yu truly likes this girl, I’m happy for him because she’s a good girl, not bitchy…”

“Damn it… you really intend to give our President Su to another woman?” An looked incredulous .

“Hush! Don’t talk . Let’s listen to what Su Yu will say . ” Zeng Rou made a hushing gesture and continued to watch the drama .

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