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Published at 4th of July 2020 04:10:07 AM
Chapter 3299: 3299
Chapter 3299 Regret for Life if You Don“t Confess 9

“President Su… I…” Nie Lingxuan stammered .

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Su Yu looked at her questioningly .

“President Su, I… I like you,” mustering her courage, she closed her eyes and blurted out .

Su Yu spewed out the Coke onto her dress .

An almost collapsed onto the floor; fortunately, he had his hands on the windowsill .

“Whoa… A declaration of love…” Zeng Rou sighed with her hands supporting her chin .

“It’s so dramatic…” An seemed surprised that the meek Nie Lingxuan dared to express her love for his boss so frankly .

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“Su Yu’s thoughts right now must be very interesting . Ha! I want to ask him if he’s surprised and delighted . ” Zeng Rou chuckled .

“I don’t know if he’s surprised or delighted, but he must be startled . You see he even spewed out Coke…” An looked over at them .

“Ahem ahem ahem…” Spewing out Coke, Su Yu almost choked on it .

He began to cough violently . Nie Lingxuan walked up and pounded on his back .

“President Su, are you okay?”

“I’m… fine… Ahem… You…um… don’t touch me… Stay away from me… Okay?” Su Yu stammered out the sentence .

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Immediately, Nie Lingxuan walked away and stood three meters from him .

Looking at her stained dress, Su Yu changed the subject . “I’m sorry that I spewed on your dress . Go in and change; I’m sure Zeng Rou can find some clean clothes for you . ”

“Don’t worry . I’m fine . ” Nie Lingxuan was unusually calm .

In contrast, Su Yu was at a loss for words .

“President Su, please let me finish . I’ve thought for a long time today; if I don’t say the words now, I might never get a chance to say them… I know the timing isn’t good, maybe too late since you have Miss Zeng Rou as your girlfriend, but I still want to tell you my true feelings, or I’ll regret it for the rest of my life . ”

“Um… Go ahead . ” Su Yu knew the girl was determined to express her love for him, so he didn’t try to change the subject .

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He lowered his head in embarrassment .

Previously, the women who tried to get close to him always used their bodies or sent him suggestive messages on WeChat .

None of them had expressed her feelings so frankly like Nie Lingxuan . After all, in this age, such an act would be laughed at if people knew about it .

But Su Yu wouldn’t laugh at her because he had been as frank and sincere when he declared his love for Huo Mian .

Even though he was reluctant, he didn’t want to trample her sincere heart .

“President Su, I’ve liked you for a long time… I’ve never been in a relationship and had never known how it felt to love someone until I met you . In the first years after I entered Imperial Star, my career was tepid . I joined the company because I heard that you’re powerful and there was no casting couch for actresses . I found it was true after I entered . So, I’ve stayed in Imperial Star and enjoyed doing my favorite thing — being an actress . I remember on one Moon Festival, you bought many boxes of moon cakes for the employees and even prepared red packets containing gift money for everyone . When you came to me, you ran out of red packets, so you took out 3,000 yuan from your own wallet . I was truly touched by your sincere smile . The people who don’t know you tagged you as a second-generation playboy or a good-for-nothing grandson of a high-level government official, but I know you are not . You have a kind heart and never bully the weak; when someone messes with your employees, you’d stand out and do them justice . You’re a good boss . ”

“Um… Thank you for your compliments . I’m just doing my job,” Su Yu replied in embarrassment, feeling as if he had a halo around him .

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