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Published at 3rd of July 2020 03:55:05 AM
Chapter 3296: 3296
Chapter 3296 Regret for Life if You Don“t Confess 6

“I just wanted to taste it . ”

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“Are you a barbarian? I made fried rice with eggs, and there are chopsticks and spoons! You’re disgusting, Su Yu . ”

“Calm down . I just wanted to try it . ”

“Okay . Suit yourself . ” Zeng Rou lowered her head to continue her meal .

Su Yu went into the kitchen and came out with a spoon . He began to take big spoonfuls of rice into his mouth .

“Hey! You… said you just wanted to taste it,” Zeng Rou protested .

“I couldn’t determine the taste since my taste buds are a bit dumb… I must taste some more . ” Su Yu took big mouthfuls of rice .

“Damn it… How can you do this?” Zeng Rou was stunned .

Before she could snap back to her senses, Su Yu had already fully dug into the plate of fried rice .

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He enjoyed it with the pickled vegetables, finding it quite delicious .

“Do you still want to eat it? If not, I’ll eat it all . ” Su Yu pointed his spoon at the last bit of rice on the plate .

“Eat it all . I’ll go and make myself another plate . ” Zeng Rou stood up .

“You’ll make more? Then make some extra for me; I’m still hungry…”

“Damn it… Come on, you said you just wanted to taste it…” Zeng Rou was still wondering what Su Yu meant by the word “taste” .

“Yeah . I was just having a taste of it . Finding it quite good and edible, I decided to taste some more . ”

“You are shameless…” Zeng Rou lost it .

Su Yu took out his wallet and placed 200 yuan on the table .

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“Fried rice with eggs from a small restaurant is fast food; a plate of fried rice sold in a five-star hotel costs about 158 . I’ll give you 200 yuan; you can take the rest as a tip . Now don’t stand there and get to work . I’m not full yet…”

“200? Do you think I’m a beggar? Give me 888 yuan, or I won’t do it…”

Zeng Rou sat back down .

“Fine . Problems that can be solved with money are not problems . I’ll give you 2,000 so make a plate for An too,” Su Yu said .

“You really are treating me as your housemaid?” Zeng Rou didn’t know she should cry or laugh .

“You overestimate yourself . We only hire housemaids with great credentials… You’re at most a co-op student,” said Su Yu .

At last, Zeng Rou gritted her teeth and stuffed the 2,000 yuan into her pant pocket before entering the kitchen again .

Twenty minutes later, Su Yu, An, and Zeng Rou sat at the table to have fried rice with eggs while watching an entertainment TV show .

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“President Su, I think entertainment shows are quite profitable . Our company can sign some actors and actresses into the shows; no matter if it’s about hard work and endurance, or military training, the fun game of tearing name tags, pretending to fall in love, or even traveling with kids, these shows will generate great publicity for them,” An suggested .

“We’ve signed with some shows, but most of them look really fake . Some fans don’t like them . If they don’t do well in the shows, the shows will achieve the opposite effect that we intended,” Su Yu commented on the reality shows objectively .

“Su Yu, the biggest female star in your company is Nie Lingxuan, right?” Zeng Rou cut in suddenly .

“What do you want to say?” Su Yu glanced at her .

“Nothing . Just a casual question . I think only she has good acting skills among all the other female actresses in your company from the past few years . The others are just trash . ”

“Even trash is better than you . It would take you half a day to play a crying scene . ” Su Yu smirked .

“Humph . Don’t underestimate me… If I entered the entertainment circle, I’ll outshine all the stars in your company,” Zeng Rou bragged .

“Seriously, Zeng Rou, I find you’re the most adorable when you boast,” Su Yu said with a straight face .

An almost choked on the rice as he tried to suppress his laughter .

“Su Yu, is it a compliment or an insult? If you keep insulting me, spit out the rice I cooked for you…” Zeng Rou lifted her spoon as if she was about to hit him with it .


At this moment, the doorbell rang .

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