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Chapter 3294: 3294
Chapter 3294 Regret for Life if You Don“t Confess 4

“Why did you say that?” Xixi looked at Rick in puzzlement .

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“I think Su Yu is not fitting to have a girlfriend,” said Rick .

“Pu… My dear, do you also think Su Yu is gay?” Xixi laughed .

“No, I don’t . ”

“Then what do you mean?” Rick rarely gossiped; hearing him mention Su Yu, Xixi asked with great interest .

“I mean Su Yu is obsessed with Huo Mian and no other women can enter his heart . So it’s useless to talk to him . ”

“Who told you that? Didn’t you see Su Yu brought a girl with him today?” Xixi was unconvinced .

“But he doesn’t love that woman,” Rick replied calmly .

“No matter if he loves her or not, she’s with him; as time goes on, how can you know Su Yu won’t fall in love with her? He indeed loves Sister Mian, but Mian has her own family and her beloved husband; she has children and is now pregnant with another baby . Even though Su Yu loves her, he can only do it secretly… So, he’ll eventually have his own family . My sister is single-mindedly in love with Su Yu for a long time; she expressed some of her feelings to him, but he didn’t show any response . Today she was distressed when she saw Su Yu’s girlfriend and looked as if she got seriously ill . I want her to make a quick end of it by telling Su Yu how she feels . It would be great if she succeeded; if not, she’d end her obsession with him . If Su Yu said some heartless words to her to break her fragile heart, I think she’d totally give up on him . It would be better than loving him secretly and being distressed about it . ”

“You have a point . She can try, but I don’t have high hopes for her success,” said Rick .

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“Let her try . Maybe Su Yu would accept my sister in a moment of madness . ” Xixi remained optimistic .

“I wish her good luck . ”

Rick then slowly drove away with Xixi .

– At South Hill Manor –

It was 11 PM, Huo Mian was still reading in bed .

“What are you reading?” Qin Chu walked out from a shower and kissed Huo Mian’s forehead .

“Tshangyang Gyatso,” Huo Mian replied with a smile .

“Whoa . Our Dr . Huo is so romantic now . Instead of reading medical books, you’re reading the romantic Zen and Buddhism theories?”

“Yeah . Everyone says his poems are beautiful . ”

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“What do you think?” Qin Chu held her lovingly and asked .

“They are indeed beautiful . ”

“Which is your favorite line? Is it the famous one:

I was once worried that,

If I were in love with my girl,

I would be shut out from Buddha dharma .

If I went to be a buddhist in the mountain,

I would have to leave my girl,

who is amazingly beautiful .

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How could I find out,

in this world,

a perfect way in which I would never betray Buddha and I would never betray you?”

“Wow! Honey, it’s my first time hearing you read a poem so solemnly . ” Huo Mian raised her head and threw her arms around Qin Chu’s neck .

“Your husband can do many things… Do you want to try others?” Mr . Qin’s hands slid down her body and into her pajamas .

Huo Mian immediately covered her breasts with her hands…

“Don’t play dirty . Your son is watching you…” Huo Mian said with a giggle .

“It’s fine . I’m demonstrating to my son, so he’ll have good skills when he’s dating girls…” Mr . Qin said as he pinched a certain place in her body .

“Ha! How can you educate your son in this way?” Huo Mian was exasperated .

“It’ll be fine . My son will have total freedom, just like his two elder sisters . ”

“Forget it . If we don’t restrain his two elder sisters now, they’d be out of control… We must set some boundaries . ” At the mention of their two daughters, Huo Mian was frustrated .

“Honey, we got distracted . You haven’t told me which line is your favorite yet . ” Qin Chu took the book from her hand and read the beautiful poems .

“Guess . If you get the right answer, I’ll give you 50,000 yuan; and vice versa . ” Huo Mian got playful and smiled slyly with her head leaning on his shoulder .

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