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Chapter 3292: 3292
Chapter 3292 Regret for Life if You Don“t Confess 2

“What the heck?” Zeng Rou looked completely dumbfounded .

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“Ha! Miss Zeng, don’t mind him . Young Master Tang is always like that, talking without a filter and loving to tell jokes…”

“He’s Su Yu’s best friend?” Zeng Rou noticed after everyone was gone at the end of the banquet, only Tang Chuan stayed behind to talk to Su Yu, which showed the unusual closeness between the two guys .

“Yeah . He and Mr . Wei grew up with my boss . Other than the years when my boss was in the army, they would always hang out with him . They are very, very close . ” An looked as if he was touched by the friendship among the guys .

“Su Yu was in the army before?” Zeng Rou was surprised .

“It seems you haven’t done your homework properly… Our boss was in the special forces and won honor for the country,” An said proudly .

“Awesome… I didn’t know that . I thought he was just a 2G rich guy who loves playing with and dating girls . ” Zeng Rou chuckled .

“Our boss has lots of good qualities . You’ll be surprised as you get to know him . ”

“Okay . I’ll try . ” Zeng Rou smiled .

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At this moment, An got Su Yu’s call .

“Let’s go home . ”

“Okay, President Su . ”

“You can tell Zeng Rou to return to my car . Tang Chuan left,” Su Yu instructed .

“Um… Miss Zeng said she’d stay in my car . ”

Su Yu: “…”

“She said you drive too fast and it’s not safe to sit in your car,” An explained .

Su Yu: “…”

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Su Yu’s face fell as he heard that Zeng Rou disliked his excellent driving skills .

Ending the call, Su Yu stepped hard on the fuel .

Before An and Zeng Rou could react, Su Yu’s car was gone .

“Ahem… It’s nothing unusual . President Su has a quick temper . ” An was embarrassed .

“It’s fine . I’m used to it now . If one day he talked to me gently, I’d feel scared,” Zeng Rou said calmly .

“Haha! Good . ”

An thought Zeng Rou was an interesting woman .

If she was another woman, she’d have gone to Su Yu’s car eagerly .

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But Zeng Rou would rather take the ride with him because he drove steadily . This girl felt real .

Meanwhile, Rick’s car was parked in front of the building where Nie Lingxuan lived .

Xixi walked her elder sister to her door and the sisters were reluctant to part .

“Xixi, when will you come back after returning to the U . S . ?” Nie Lingxuan took Xixi’s hand and asked .

“I don’t know . I will probably have the baby in the U . S… You know, Rick is very busy; if not for the issue with Sister Mian, we wouldn’t have come back and stayed here for so long . ”

“Okay . When I miss you, I’ll go to visit you in the U . S . with Dad and Mom . You’re pregnant and must take good care of yourself . ”

“I know . Sis, go in and get some rest . ”

Knowing her sister was feeling low today, Xixi urged her .

“Okay . Good-bye . ” Nie Lingxuan turned .

“Oh, Sis…”

“Huh?” Nie Lingxuan looked back when her sister stopped midsentence .

“Sis, you must make a decision with the issue of Su Yu . Either you give him up completely… or tell him your true feelings for him…”

“Tell him about my feelings? I expressed my feelings to him in a subtle way, but he didn’t… seem interested . Now that he’s got a girlfriend, if I still confess to him my feelings, wouldn’t it reflect badly on me? People will call me the other woman, right?” Nie Lingxuan bit on her lip and asked with indecision .

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