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Chapter 3290: 3290
Chapter 3290 Simple and Rough is Lu Yan“s Style 10

“Don’t you think we both need time to calm down?” Qiao Fei asked .

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“Hehe…” Finally, Lu Yan only said the word “Hehe” as if it contained all the words she wanted to say .

“Fine . It seems that you’ve made the final decision . ”

She walked slowly toward Qiao Fei .

Then she punched his stomach viciously; caught off guard, he bent over .

Then, she kicked Amy, who was kneeling on the floor, sending her flying .

This kick was hard .

“Boss… I’m sorry…” Amy spat out blood but still knelt before her in repentance .

“Amy, you’ve worked for me for a long time . For the sake of your hard work over the last few years, I won’t kill you, but don’t let me see you again . If you value your life, you’d better stay out of the sight of my people, or we’ll kill you . ”

“Boss… I…”

“Get out…” Lu Yan said only two words, but her eyes were murderous .

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Without saying a word, Amy scrambled to run out of the room .

Lu Yan glanced at Qiao Fei faintly .

“You leave, too . ”


“Don’t say a word . Even if we’re not lovers, we’re not enemies… I can’t do it . Go! This is the end . ”

Then she opened the door and walked out, leaving Qiao Fei alone in the room .

– One hour later –

On the platform on the top of the hotel, Lu Yan felt a bit tipsy after drinking a whole bottle of alcohol .


Her subordinate hovered behind her as if he didn’t dare to walk up .

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“Speak . ”

“They are gone . ”

“Where are they going?” Lu Yan asked .

“Back to Russia . Young Master Qiao bought a ticket to Moscow . ”

“Hehe! I knew it…” Lu Yan smiled in disappointment .

“Amy went back with Qiao Fei . ”

“Damned bastards… You’re good . ” Lu Yan raised her head and lamented .

“Boss, do you want us to get rid of them? They haven’t boarded the plane yet . We have people in the airport; they are waiting for your order…”

“It’s not necessary . ”

“Boss, but they betrayed you…”

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“I said it’s not necessary . You didn’t understand what I said?” Lu Yan raised her voice .

“Yes . I understand . ”

“Then why are you still here?” Lu Yan roared and threw the wine bottle onto the ground .

Seeing the glass shards on the ground, her subordinate shut up and backed off, closing the door behind him .

“What’s happening? The boss is still mad?” After he went out, the others asked him .

“Of course . The boss is in a lousy mood and a bit tipsy . ”

“Damn it . I can’t bear it . That bitch Amy dared to betray the boss and hook up with Young Master Qiao…”

“Yeah . I don’t understand it either . What puzzles me most is why Young Master Qiao would like her; our boss is one hundred times better looking than her . ”

“You don’t understand . We men are creatures that think with our private parts . It seems the boss and Young Master Qiao haven’t slept together, which gave that bitch Amy a chance . After all, Young Master Qiao is a man with a man’s physical needs and it’s understandable to make such mistakes . But I’m surprised that he’d break up with the boss for Amy…”

“No, you’re wrong . It’s the boss who broke up with him after finding out their betrayal . They were both wounded; it seemed the boss beat them . ”

“The boss went easy on them . With her temper, she should have blown their heads open . ”

The subordinates were gossiping in low voices when Lu Yan pulled open the door abruptly . They immediately fell silent .

“Book an airplane ticket for me . Now,” Lu Yan said drunkenly .

“Yes . Boss, where are you going?”

“C City, China . ”

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