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Chapter 3286: 3286
Chapter 3286 Simple and Rough is Lu Yan“s Style 6

“Big Brother…” Wei Ying looked back and saw Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei walking out .

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“Go home with us . ”

“Oh… Okay . ”

Wei Ying nodded and turned to give Shen Mingxi an apologetic glance .

“Mingxi, you don’t have to drive me home . I’ll go home with my brother’s car . ”

“Okay . Take care . ”

“I will . You too . ”

As Wei Ying left, Shen Mingxi felt a bit blue .

Previously, when Wei Ying chased after him, he hadn’t wanted to look at her .

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Now Wei Ying was no longer the silly girl in the past; she talked and behaved with great maturity, gaining a good reputation among the rich girls .

It was hard for him to get to see her .

After Wei Ying got into the car, Wei Liao said coldly, “I told you many times not to have anything to do with that guy . ”

“Big Brother, we just exchanged a few words . Calm down . ”

“How can I calm down? I still remember how you humiliated yourself…”

“Okay! Ying-Ying is back now . Would you stop nagging her…” Feeling her husband was too harsh with his younger sister, Jiang Xiaowei spoke for her .

“Dad, please don’t scold Auntie . She’s very good now . ” Wei Yunchu also spoke for her .

“You’re indeed my good nephew…” Wei Ying smiled and touched Wei Yunchu’s head .

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“Of course . My auntie is totally a new person now . Today, Pudding said to me that the relationship between my aunt and Uncle Shen can be described with a popular web sentence: You used to ignore me, but now you can’t get me . ”

“Haha… Did Pudding tell you that?” Wei Ying chuckled .

“Yeah . Pudding is awesome; she knows everything and has made lots of money through stock speculation . Mom, I think I must work harder or I’ll be left behind by her . If I can’t reach her level and don’t have common topics with her, we’ll end up in different circles . ”

“Hahaha! Wei Liao, listen to your son…” Jiang Xiaowei laughed .

“Isn’t our son taught by you and didn’t you also book our daughter-in-law . ” Wei Liao laughed, too .

“Yeah . Pudding is a great kid, so we must raise our son into an excellent man… I’d be satisfied if he’s only as excellent as his father-in-law Qin Chu . ”

“Ahem… Sister-in-law, you called it ‘only’? You’re so ambitious . Don’t you think it’s a goal too big for my nephew?” Wei Ying asked .

“No . He likes Pudding . No matter what Pudding does, he’s interested in it and is fully motivated . ” Jiang Xiaowei looked at her son with pride .

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In a well-known five-star hotel in Brazil .

Lu Yan opened the door to her suite and saw Amy was pushing something into Qiao Fei’s hand .

“What are you guys doing?” Lu Yan’s face fell .

“Boss… Didn’t… you go out on a mission?” Amy withdrew her hand in panic, but the thing was left in Qiao Fei’s hand .

“Well, it seems I came back at the wrong moment . ” Lu Yan sneered .

“No… I… didn’t mean that . ” Amy tried to explain .

Qiao Fei was silent, still holding the thing that Amy had pushed into his hand . He didn’t even see what the thing was .

Lu Yan strode over and grabbed the thing from his hand .

“Well! Well! A scented bag? Nice… You two are very romantic . ” Lu Yan smirked in disdain .

It was a hand-made scented bag in the antique style; on one side of the red bag was embroidered the characters “Safe and Peace” while on the other side was Qiao Fei’s name .

It was a token of attachment that girls gave to their lovers…

“Qiao Fei, you are really good,” Lu Yan turned to look at Qiao Fei and said in disappointment .

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