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Chapter 3275: 3275
Chapter 3275 Couples Displaying Affection Together 5

The thing began with Qin Ning going back to the U . S to resign from her job .

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Ever since she went out with Tang Chuan, Qin Ning had seldom stayed in the U . S . and flew back to China frequently .

Finally, Qin Chu’s uncle agreed to his daughter’s marriage to Tang Chua . But since she had had lots of work in the U . S . , she must return to wrap things up before she quit her job .

Tang Chuan was quite busy with his family business lately and couldn’t travel with Qin Ning, so he had to let Qin Ning return with her dad .

After returning to the U . S . , Qin Ning was in a good mood .

Since she was leaving the U . S . for China for good, she had meals with many friends .

Tonight, which was daytime in the U . S . , Qin Ning posted a picture of her with a sunny-looking white man; with his arm around Qin Ning’s shoulders, he smiled radiantly at the camera .

Qin Ning wrote the sentimental comment: This is Jim, a good friend I’ve known almost all my life .

It wasn’t something unusual, but Tang Chuan got jealous and commented under the post: Be careful of the guy’s hand .

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Zhu Lingling: Hahahaha! Someone’s jealous .

Jiang Xiaowei: I seem to smell the sour scent from someone’s spilled bottle of vinegar .

Pudding: Aunts, do you want to have dumplings tonight? We’ve got lots of vinegar .

Little Bean: Truth be told, the guy looks quite nice with my aunt .

Tang Chuan replied to Little Bean: Kiddo, you disappoint your uncle . How can you say this after I treat you Haagen-Dazs for so many times?

Little Bean replied to Tang Chuan: Ha! I didn’t mean it . Uncle Tang, don’t get yourself worked up . You’re old with a weak heart . Be careful .

Tang Chuan replied to Little Bean: You’re adding insult to injury . Little Bean, I’m so nice to you and you let me down . When I see Gao Boyuan, I’ll tell him this side of you .

Little Bean replied to Tang Chuan: Be my guest . But Boyuan won’t believe you; he trusts me the most besides his parents . Haha!

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Tang Chuan: Look at you . At such a young age, you know how to show off your boyfriend in front of me . You just rub it into my face when your aunt is not here with me, right?

Little Bean replied to Tang Chuan: On this lonely night, you can go and stay with our Captain Su instead of acting like a lonely and jealous man . Haha!

Pudding replied to Little Bean: Captain isn’t single now . He got a girlfriend in his house, and Uncle Tang would be the third wheel .

Tang Chuan felt like crying: Kiddos, you just want to mess with me . You’re hurting me . Do you know that?

Little Bean replied to Tang Chuan: That’s good . A sensitive heart is an illness; you must get medicine for it . Here’s my recommendation for you: go to the Neurology Department of South District Rehabilitation Center and see Dr . Huo, who’s beautiful and low-keyed, at a reasonable price for her skills . You’re welcome to seek her advice .

Tang Chuan replied to the twins: You… you… you… are bad kids . Humph!

Reading their comments, Huo Mian burst into laughter .

It was super fun to watch her twins mess with Tang Chuan .

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When Qin Chu returned, he saw Huo Mian was lying in the bed, giggling at her cellphone .

“What’s so funny?”

“I’m reading the messages on Tang Chuan’s Moments…” Huo Mian stood up and showed it to Qin Chu .

Qin Chu glanced at it and his lips curved up slightly .

“Pudding and Little Bean are quite aggressive…”

“Your daughters never back down from a verbal fight . ”

“By the way, Su Yu really has a girlfriend? Have you seen her?” Qin Chu asked casually as he took off his suit and hung it in the wardrobe .

“I saw her for the first time today . ” Huo Mian didn’t conceal it from him .

“Oh? How does she look? Is she Su Yu’s type?” Qin Chu actually cared quite a bit for Su Yu too .

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