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Chapter 3272: 3272
Chapter 3272 Couples Displaying Affection Together 2

“What are you doing here?” Su Yu turned off the video and stood up in pleasant surprise .

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“What? You don’t welcome me?”

“No nonsense . Take a seat . ” Su Yu walked over .

Huo Mian sat on the sofa .

“I’ll get An to get you a glass of water . In your state, you can’t have soft drinks . ”

“No . I’ve drunk enough water . I bought ice cream . Do you want one?” Huo Mian bit into one and handed the other to Su Yu .

“Pu… This stuff is for women, right? No man eats this . ”

“If you don’t want it, I’ll give it to An . After all, it’s a pity to see it thaw . It costs over ten yuan . ”

Huo Mian began to stand up to find An .

“No, no, no . Give it to me . ” Su Yu changed his mind .

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“Didn’t you say men don’t eat this?” Huo Mian looked disgusted .

“I meant most men don’t like it, but I’m okay with it . Ha! It costs more than ten yuan; it’s too expensive to waste on An…”

Huo Mian: “…”

“It’s not as expensive as Haagen-Dazs . Rich guy, don’t mess with me . ” Huo Mian didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh .

Su Yu stood up and grabbed the cone from her hand playfully and bit into it .

Zeng Rou had said that if one man liked you, everything you bought was good; everything you did was right .

If he didn’t like you, even if you gave him your heart, it would look cheap to him .

“Why did you just pop up without sending me a WeChat message?”

“I just came out and took a walk . ”

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“You’re several months along now . Don’t walk around… You must rest at home . ”

“I’m pregnant, not sick . I’m not so fragile . ” Huo Mian chuckled .

“Qin Chu will be worried if he knows you came out alone…”

“I came with bodyguards and the chauffeur,” Huo Mian corrected him .

“Okay . You win . ”

Su Yu found he’d never win when he bickered with her .

“Is it good?” Huo Mian felt like laughing when she looked at Su Yu’s lips covered in cream .

“Good . ”

“When you finish, I’ll talk to you about something .

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“Go ahead . I’m listening . ” Su Yu knew she’d never come to Imperial Star without a purpose . It wasn’t her style .

“Zhixin told me that you are going to give him a gift . ”

“Yeah . Isn’t he going to get married? I’ve got a gift for him . ”

“But we aren’t taking gifts this time . Zhixin and Bella want to make the wedding simple and low-key, so we chose to hold the banquet in a hotel run by the company . We didn’t invite reporters or business partners; we’ll have only families, friends, and some colleagues . ”

“I’m his friend, so I’ll give him a gift . It’s not good to go empty-handed; it’s just for good luck . ”

“But your gifts are extravagant . Don’t give him a car . My husband gave him a new car not long ago . ”

“Then I’ll give him a house . ” Su Yu wasn’t deterred .

“No house . ”

“Then he can choose from jewelry, antique objects, paintings, or calligraphy scrolls . ” Su Yu was determined to give a gift .

“Su Yu, Zhixin doesn’t want any gifts . Please don’t give him gifts, okay?”

When Huo Mian said the words, she had a begging tone in her voice and her eyes looked serious .

Su Yu finally understood that he might have done something wrong .

“Mian, are you troubled by this?” Su Yu lowered the half-finished ice cone and asked her solemnly .

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