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Published at 26th of June 2020 03:10:05 AM
Chapter 3268: 3268
Chapter 3268 In This Lifetime, I Only Love Him 8

Huo Mian: “Yup, almost done . ”

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Zhixin: “Did you guys spend a lot of money on me again?”

“Of course!” Huo Mian nodded .

“I really feel like a leech . I’ve been relying on my sister and brother-in-law ever since graduation . ”

“If you don’t rely on us, who are you going to rely on? Outsiders? Would they even let you?”

“Sis, stop joking around . ”

“It’s okay, Zhixin, from now on, you can work for GK for free . If we don’t pay you a salary, you can repay us in no time,” Huo Mian said .

“Sis, you’re evil . ” Zhixin was speechless .

“Don’t listen to your sister, she’s just teasing…” said Qin Chu .

Zhixin: “I know she’s just joking, haha . ”

“What I mean is, we’ll keep paying you a salary . You can just pay us back all the money we’ve spent on you over these past years slowly…” Qin Chu kept a straight face .

Zhixin: “…”Visit website L istnovel . com

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Assistant Yang couldn’t help but laugh out loud .

So much so that he bit too hard into a juicy beef ball, spraying its juices all over himself .

“We’re talking to Zhixin . Why are you getting excited? Do you want to be like him?” Huo Mian glanced at Assistant Yang .

“I don’t know anything . I didn’t hear anything . ”

Just like that, the meal was completed in a joyous atmosphere .

It was time for Huo Mian to go home . When she left downstairs, Zhixin and Bella entered the elevator with her, but Bella left on the 19th floor, leaving behind only the sister-and-brother duo .

“Sis . ”


“Big Brother Su Yu called me yesterday . ”

“For what?”

“He asked me if I wanted anything for my engagement . He said he wanted to give me a car . ”

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“What did you say?” Huo Mian replied nonchalantly .

“I said no, of course . Su Yu is your friend, not mine . I’m not that close with him . Plus, Brother-in-Law already gave me a Maybach… I can’t accept another car . ”

“Right, then just reject him nicely . ”

“I did, but Su Yu was very adamant about giving me something . If it’s not a car, it’ll probably be something else . Didn’t you tell him that we’re not accepting gifts?” asked Zhixin .

“I did . ”

“Then why…” Zhixin stopped his sentence at the sight of his sister’s complicated gaze .

“I’ll take care of it . ”

“Alright . ”

“I’m leaving, then . ”

“Sis, be careful . You’re pregnant . Watch out for staircases . ”

“I got it . ”

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Huo Mian nodded . She had originally planned to return home after the meal, but after her conversation with Zhixin, she decided that a meeting with Su Yu was needed .

After all, some things were better discussed in person; she didn’t want a miscommunication to hurt Su Yu’s feelings .

“Drive me to Imperial Star,” Huo Mian said .

“Alright, Madam . ”

After she arrived at Imperial Star, she ran into Zeng Rou .

The latter wasn’t there for Su Yu; she was there to see the stars at Imperial Star .

She did, however, recognize Huo Mian right away, so she followed her into the elevator .

“Are you Huo Mian?” Zeng Rou suddenly asked .

Huo Mian gave the woman a light glance .

“I am . ”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Zeng Rou?” said Huo Mian .

“You… know me?” Zeng Rou was shocked . She didn’t think Huo Mian even knew her .

“I’ve seen your Weibo,” said Huo Mian .

“Oh, so you’re following me on Weibo too . ”

“I’m not . My daughter showed me your picture back when the news went viral,” Huo Mian replied calmly .

“Oh, I see . Are you here to see Su Yu?”

“Yes . ”

“Then… can I treat you to a cup of coffee before you see him?” Zeng Rou invited .

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