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Published at 26th of June 2020 03:10:05 AM
Chapter 3266: 3266
Chapter 3266 In This Lifetime, I Only Love Him 6

Taking in the familiar scent, Qin Chu’s heart calmed down immediately .

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“Baby . ” Qin Chu placed his hands on top of Huo Mian’s pale, little ones .

“Yup . ”

“Why are you here?”

“I miss you . ” Huo Mian hugged Qin Chu’s neck lovingly, pressing her face against his .

“Why didn’t you call?”

“To check in on you of course! I wanted to see if you were messing around with your assistant behind my back…” Huo Mian teased .

“You know you’re disrespecting Assistant Yang, right?” Qin Chu looked amused .

“What if one day he goes to Thailand and gets surgery? That’s not impossible, right?”

“Why don’t I call him here so you can ask him yourself?” Qin Chu chuckled .

“Noo, haha, I’m just joking… why are you like this?” As Huo Mian stood up, Qin Chu hugged her tightly, unwilling to let her go .

“Am I heavy?”

“Yes . ” Qin Chu nodded .

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“Are you trying to die? Calling me fat…” Huo Mian was just about to give Master Qin a punch but his voice sounded .

“You’ve already carried a lot of weight in my heart . ”

His words instantly melted Huo Mian’s heart…

She held onto Qin Chu’s neck even tighter…

Qin Chu laughed and tapped her hands . “Baby, I can’t breathe . Are you trying to strangle me to death?”

“Honey . ”


“I won’t disappear… I won’t disappear ever again… I’ll always be by your side . ”

“I know . ”

“So you’ll always be with me too . Don’t get tired of me, okay?”

“I won’t . ”

“Even if I get old… and ugly… you can’t get tired of me…” Huo Mian emphasized .

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“Babe, you weren’t exactly beautiful when you were younger either, alright?”

Huo Mian: “…”

“We’re done . ” Huo Mian pouted .

“Don’t, don’t, I’m joking . ”

“We are so done . ” Huo Mian turned away .

“Didn’t someone just promise me to never disappear?” Master Qin immediately pulled out his best card .

“What… wow I’m learning the meaning of digging my own grave . ” Huo Mian laughed out loud .

“Hungry? Let’s go eat something?” Qin Chu looked at Mian dotingly, his heart filled with happiness .

“Nope, I already ate at Wei’s place . ”

“You went to see Professor Jiang?”

“Yep . ”

“You didn’t go shopping?”

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“No, I went to her place for a visit . She’s really been hooked on flower arrangements recently . ”

Huo Mian didn’t mention anything about Qin Chu’s condition; she didn’t want him to know what she had found out .

If he wanted to keep it a secret, she was going to make sure to play along .

“Oh, that’s a good thing . She’s so manly… it’s good that she’s becoming more feminine,” Qin Chu commented .

“Honey, I brought you lunch . ”

“Oh? A surprise?” Qin Chu was definitely surprised .

“Yes, guess what it is . ” Huo Mian smiled mysteriously .

“What do I get if I get it right?”

“I’ll give you a kiss . ”

“No, that’s not enough . I want a five-minute-long kiss . ” Master Qin was frank .

“You’re such a pervert…” Huo Mian smiled shyly .

“If I don’t get it right, I’ll give you a kiss,” Qin Chu teased .

“Psh, in your dreams . If you guess correctly, you can give me 1,000,000 . You can give it to me through WeChat . ” Huo Mian looked proud .

“So, Honey, you’re not here to give me lunch . You’re here to defraud me out of money, right?” Master Qin was utterly speechless .

“So, are you going to guess? You only have one chance . ”

“Where is it?” Qin Chu asked .

“I hid it . ”

Qin Chu: “…”

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