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Chapter 3259: 3259
Chapter 3259 Men Can“t be Shared 9

“Miss Qin, are you asking for my hand in marriage?” Tang Chuan laughed .

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“Don’t joke around . I’m asking you if you want to?” Qin Ning rolled her eyes at him .

“I want to sleep with you forever . ”

“You… pervert . ” Hearing something so direct, Qin Ning looked away in embarrassment .

Tang Chuan set the bath as he gently rubbed shower gel onto Qin Ning’s back .

The scent of roses filled the air, making the atmosphere particularly romantic…

“Ning-Ning, you know… before, I’ve always thought that coming from such a rich family, I didn’t really have any goals . It’s as if I could have anything I wanted . Women too… some of them were after my money, some were after the power… some were after the status… and some were after my family resources… Some were after the betterment of their family business… and others just thought that I was cute . But none of them loved me for real… even Jin Ying was a mistake of my youth . After she hurt me, I couldn’t get close to any woman . ”

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“So?” Qin Ning tilted her head, smiling at him .

“So… I thought that I’m probably just not as lucky as Wei Liao and Qin Chu… maybe I won’t be able to spend the rest of my life with a woman I love . I’ve always thought that I’d just waste my life away… and listen to my family… or find a super hot girl with large breasts… and just enjoy the sex… until I met you . ”

“I seem pretty important to you . ”

“What do you mean pretty important? You’re very important, okay?! After you appeared in my life, I suddenly have a purpose . Before, it was partying and having fun . ”

“What about now?” Qin Ning asked, laughing .

“Now, I want to marry you and have kids . ”

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“What about after that? What if we get tired of each other after a while? What if we can’t make it past the seven-year itch? We’ll fight… and degrade each other… maybe even cheat…” Qin Ning said .

“No, those are not absolutes . What I’m thinking now is… we’ll get married… and have kids… and the three of us can enjoy a busy, daily, boring life together . When we get the chance, we can go to the States… show our kids the place you grew up and studied . We can go to Tahiti… or see the pink beach… or see the Norwegian forest… or go to the Alps in Switzerland… or see the northern lights in Finland . We can go to Mongolia and witness its endless prairies . With you… and the kids, my life would be complete… even eating and drinking water would become meaningful . ”

“Oh? Our Young Master Tang’s grown to be a talented man, eh? When did you get a silver tongue?”

“These words are from my heart . I’m not making them up . ”

“Well, it’s okay if you are . I like it when you pretend,” Qin Ning joked .

“Stop joking around! I’m being serious!” Tang Chuan tapped her little snow-white foot dotingly .

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“I know, I know, Young Master Tang . ”

“You… make sure to take care of yourself when you go to the states . Eat your breakfast and don’t eat cold things, especially during your period . ”

“I got it… but I won’t stay for that long . I’ll probably be back before that . ”

“Actually, don’t come back during your period . Otherwise, I’ll have to suffer . I can only look but not touch . ”

“What did you say?” Qin Ning’s smile fell .

“Haha, I’m joking . Don’t be so serious, okay?” Tang Chuan snickered .

“If you can’t wait then I will never come back, hmph!”

“If you don’t come back, I’ll go to you . It’s all the same for me,” Tang Chuan sounded cavalier .

“Little Chuan, your mom really turns people off . ” The sudden thought of family members made Qin Ning’s brows furrow .

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