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Published at 24th of June 2020 03:10:07 AM
Chapter 3258: 3258
Chapter 3258 Men Can“t be Shared 8

“Aren’t you proud of your hubby? I have great stamina, right?”

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“Get off of me!”

Qin Ning was more than regretful . What kind of animal did she manage to get herself? Don’t other people only last around three to five minutes?

Why was this animal still going after an hour? Given that she counted in foreplay… but still…

Maybe it was his love for Qin Ning… Tang Chuan finally gave in and quickly ended things .

After they were done, both of them collapsed onto the bed…

Tang Chuan immediately covered Qin Ning with the sheets, afraid that she’ll get a cold from the air conditioning . Qin Ning couldn’t help but smile at his affectionate actions .

Then, before Qin Ning could utter a word, Tang Chuan pressed himself up against Qin Ning, hugging her tightly .

“Darling, I’m yours now . You have to take care of me…”

“What the f-” Qin Ning was speechless .

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Wasn’t that phrase usually said by the woman?

“You can’t have a change of heart . I… will… always take good care of you,” Tang Chuan teased, stealing a kiss when she wasn’t paying attention .

“Little Chuan, you’re shameless . ”

“Yes, if being shameless brings about this much happiness, I’m going to be shameless for the rest of my life . ”

Qin Ning: “…”

After joking around, Tang Chuan pulled Qin Ning into a tight embrace, his heart fuller than ever .

This was the kind of happiness he’d never felt with any other woman before .

It was as if he had won the entire world .

Even his young relationship with Jin Ying wasn’t as sweet . Qin Ning really was important to him…

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So important that Tang Chuan would spend his entire life to guard…

“Want to take a shower first?” Tang Chuan glanced at the sheets beneath Qin Ning .

The reddish hue was especially noticeable .

A girl as clean as Qin Ning was hard to find in a messy world like this .

People always joked online that men could only find virgins in kindergarten .

Tang Chuan wasn’t obsessed with virgins . Actually, he really didn’t care whether or not Qin Ning was one .

After all, she grew up in the states and the lifestyle there was a little more open .

Now that he found out about Qin Ning’s innocence, he was going to cherish her even more .

He secretly thanked God for such a precious gift .

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“It kind of hurts… I can’t walk . ” Qin Ning’s voice was gentle and soft as if she was purposefully seducing Tang Chuan .

Tang Chuan’s heart was itching… If it weren’t for the fact that it was her first time, he would’ve done it again .

“I’ll carry you then… I’ll help you wash . ”

With that, before Qin Ning could reply, Tang Chuan lifted her entire body from the bed and carried her to the bathroom .

“Ah… I don’t want to… let me down . ” Qin Ning covered her face behind her hands, embarrassed as could be .

“It’s okay . We’ve already slept together . What are you afraid of?” Tang Chuan stated matter-of-factly .

After he reached the bathroom, he carefully set Qin Ning into the bathtub and hit the heating option .

Warm and comfortable…

Tang Chuan turned on the faucet for warm water, his actions gentlemanly as ever . Qin Ning’s heart welled up from the sight of the handsome man in front of her .

“Little Chuan . ”


“Do you want to stay with me forever?” Qin Ning asked seriously .

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