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Chapter 3257: 3257
Chapter 3257 Men Can“t be Shared 7

Tang Chuan’s love for Qin Ning was like puppy love, the kind of love between two kids .

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Immature? No, it was pure . No hidden agenda, no complexity .

Both of their families were richer than nations and Tang Chuan had seen countless beauties in his lifetime . There were even prettier girls on his Wechat friend list… but he only wanted to love Qin Ning…

Maybe that was what true love really is .

Courting Qin Ning wasn’t easy, but the more difficult the road, the more valuable the prize .

Ever since their high-profile dating news came out, they had never really been apart .

With Qin Ning going back to resign, Tang Chuan wanted more than anything to follow her .

However, the realities of life didn’t give him the chance . The Tang Corporation had recently been restructuring as it listed one of its subsidiaries onto the public market . At the same time, the stress led Tang Chuan’s father to the hospital with a heart attack .

So, with a bunch of things piled up, Tang Chuan could no longer be the cavalier, irresponsible rich kid he used to be .

His intentions toward Qin Ning was a long time coming, but the timing was always slightly off .

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This time, he really couldn’t control himself…

His mind went blank and he had no plan .

A long time ago, he would imagine his first time with Qin Ning as something of a romantic event .

It would either be underneath the stars on top of a mountain… or beside the deep blue ocean…

Or maybe atop the Ferris wheel… where the rainbow would act as a backdrop…

Or maybe during a snowy night… he would get down on one knee… and propose to her his deep emotions, surrounded by prancing snowflakes .

Well, plans are always made to be changed, as many things are unpredictable .

Just like that, sudden as could be, what was supposed to be just a treat turned into something

What was more incredible was the fact that Qin Ning wasn’t fighting him off .

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The silly girl simply had her eyes shut, as if she knew what was coming…

“Ning-Ning… I can’t control myself anymore…” Tang Chuan’s breathing was becoming desperate . Even his heartbeat quickened .

He was not exactly an inexperienced boy, but he was definitely acting like a child… it was almost adorable .

“Then… do whatever you want…” Qin Ning lowered her head, feeling embarrassed .

Hearing this, Tang Chuan planted more kisses on her cute pout .

“If you say so… I’m going for it . ”

With that, another bout of endless kisses…

An hour later…

“Little Chuan, get the hell off of me . It hurts… it’s so painful…”

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“Just a little while longer . I promise it’ll stop hurting… and there’s a surprise!”

“Screw your surprise . Get off of me! I don’t want this anymore…” Qin Ning really was not prepared for so much pain .

Obviously, porn was all fake . All those actresses made the act look so pleasurable… was it all just great acting?

Tang Chuan was also a sweaty mess . Who would’ve thought that his lady would suddenly want to quit in the middle of their… activity?

He didn’t know whether to move in… or out… it was so awkward…

“Did you hear me?” Qin Ning was in so much pain her eyes began to water .

“Yes, I heard you . ”

“Then why aren’t you getting off me? I’m going to die . ” Qin Ning’s eyes welled up .

“But… if I get off you now… I will die too . ” Tang Chuan was stuck between a rock and a hard place .

“You… you pervert…”

“I’ll be gentle . Baby, please stop yelling…” Tang Chuan moved once more .

Qin Ning wanted the ground to swallow her whole… but she also knew that there was no other choice . At this point, the only way was forward .

Half an hour later…

“Little Chuan! Are you even human?! Did you take a pill?” Qin Ning wanted to cry .

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