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Chapter 3254: 3254
Chapter 3254 Men Can“t be Shared 4

Qiao Fei stopped in his tracks…

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Inside the empty hallway, they were the only ones standing there .

Qiao Fei didn’t give Amy a response; he despised the woman .

“Young Master Qiao, I got this lucky charm in the An Pei Qing Ming temple back when I was in Japan for a mission . He’s a world-renowned realm master and this will protect you forever if you wear it . ”

Amy took out an adorable lucky charm . It was a red, traditional Japanese lucky charm .

Qiao Fei glanced at the object but didn’t take it .

“Why are you giving me this?” Qiao Fei asked calmly .

“I… don’t mean anything by it . ” Amy was startled .

She indeed had never dated before and wasn’t quite sure how to behave around men .

Lu Yan forbade her followers from dating each other, so she always kept her distance from the men around her .

That was of course, until Qiao Fei appeared; his arrival made her heart skip a beat .

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“So, did you give everyone a lucky charm?” asked Qiao Fei .

“No . ”

“Does Lu Yan have one?” Qiao Fei asked directly .

“Boss… doesn’t have one… either,” Amy replied honestly, biting her lips .

“Haha, then why are you doing this?” Qiao Fei laughed coldly .

“Young Master Qiao, I just simply want you to be safe . ”

“Amy, it stopped being simple the moment you decided to only give me this lucky charm . Why try to explain something you don’t have the answer to?”


“Alright, that’s enough . No good will come from further talk . I won’t accept this so don’t try to give anything to me in the future . Seeing that you’ve followed Lu Yan for so many years, I’ll pretend that this never happened . Remember, don’t be the cause of your own demise . ”

With that, Qiao Fei continued his way forward without looking back . Actually, he never even looked at Amy’s face throughout their conversation .

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Qiao Fei was just that cold…

If there were really types of men, he would probably belong to the same type as Qin Chu and Rick .

If there was a name for their type, it would probably be the cold type .

So cold they could make you shiver on a hot summer day…

Amy took back the lucky charm awkwardly . She knew that Qiao Fei wasn’t an easily persuaded man, but she was still hopeful .

She would even dream of him embracing her in her sleep .

– Inside the restaurant –

“When are we leaving Brazil?” Qiao Fei asked .

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Lu Yan continued to slice her beef, nonchalant as ever .

“It’s hot and dirty here,” Qiao Fei complained .

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“The Antarctic’s pretty cool . Do you want me to buy a ticket to that place?” Lu Yan quipped .

“Will you die if you’re not being sarcastic?” Qiao Fei was speechless . Lu Yan wasn’t your regular gentlewoman .

“I won’t die but I’ll get bored… so… why not be sarcastic?”

“I’m just weirded out that you’re not running back home . I thought that you’d be… missing your sister a lot . ”

“Don’t tempt me with my sister . ”

“I’m just being honest . ” Qiao Fei laid his hands out .

“I still have a lot of things to do for the exact reason of giving my sister a better life . ”

“For example?” Qiao Fei questioned as he looked at the delicate yet terrifying woman .

“Guess…” Lu Yan smirked .

“You’re not going to blow up another one of Ian’s lairs, are you?” Qiao Fei didn’t think that it was possible for someone like Lu Yan to be so calm .

“No, you’re wrong this time . ”

“So… what’s your plan?”

“My plan is…” Just as Lu Yan was about to continue, she glanced at the row of her men standing behind her, her expression a bit complicated .

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