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Chapter 3253: 3253
Chapter 3253 Men Can“t be Shared 3

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand,” Amy replied carefully as she looked down .

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Lu Yan turned around and gave her a meaningful look . “I’ve heard before that there are two things in this world women cannot share . One, their toothbrush, and the other, their man . ”

“Oh…” Amy nodded, pretending to be confused .

“But me… I’m pretty generous . If we’re good friends, I don’t mind sharing my toothbrush… but my man…”

“Would you mind?” Lu Yan asked Amy .

“I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say . ”

“Don’t be nervous . It’s just a random question . Do you mind sharing your man?”

“I’ve never dated before… so I don’t know how to answer that question . ”

“It’s just a made-up question . Don’t be so serious . ”

“I don’t think so… After all, love is selfish . Every woman wants their man to themselves . I don’t think gender matters either… anyone would mind… unless there’s something wrong with them . ”

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“That’s absolutely right . Exactly my thought . I can give my friends all the time, money, and weapons in the world… but if you go behind my back and steal my man . Sorry, I’ll probably end you . ”

“Boss is right,” Amy replied absentmindedly .

“Have you made dinner arrangements?”

“Yes, I’ve made dinner arrangements already . Do you want it delivered to your room or do you want to go to the restaurant?”

“I’ll head over . ” With that, Lu Yan stood up .

“Go get Qiao Fei for me . I’ll wait for him there . ”

“Alright . ” Amy’s eyes lit up at the mention of Qiao Fei’s name .

Then, not noticing Lu Yan’s expression, Amy ran to the room next door .

Lu Yan got up, changed into a simple dress, and headed towards the top-floor spinning restaurant .

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The Michelin-star Chef was serving only her .

Lu Yan was both incredibly picky and incredibly not when it came to food . When she felt like it, she could figure out how long the fish had died with a single bite .

When Lu Yan wasn’t picky, any cooked sweet potato from a street vendor could satisfy her .

Basically, her appetite was completely dependent on her mood .

“Young Master Qiao . ” Amy knocked on Qiao Fei’s door, her face a bit ruby .


“Boss asked for you to go to dinner on the top floor of the building . ”

“Where is she?”

“She’s already there . ”

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“Got it . ”

Qiao Fei began to make his way towards the restaurant .

Amy walked behind him, carefully as could be .

Ever since Qiao Fei met Lu Yan, he’d been living the good life .

Any outsider would think that Lu Yan was his sugar mommy .

Amy knew the truth, however . Qiao Fei came from an incredibly powerful family and he had the highest status in that family .

Ever since he started following Lu Yan, he’d been living an on-the-run kind of life .

Every day was a new challenge from his enemies, a new danger where he had to risk his life . Many times, it was Qiao Fei’s presence that saved Lu Yan’s life .

People who admired Lu Yan didn’t know Qiao Fei well enough .

Everything about him was impressive . His marksmanship and martial arts skills were impeccable . Amy had witnessed his kills multiple times .

Not only was he quick and precise, his every move was perfect and gentlemanly . His brutality came from the depth of his soul, the kind that chilled people to their bones .

Someone like Qiao Fei shouldn’t love someone like Lu Yan . As far as Amy was concerned, he was too good for Lu Yan .

The latter always treated Qiao Fei like a servant; she didn’t deserve his love .

“Young Master Fei…” Amy suddenly spoke out .

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