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Chapter 3250: 3250
Chapter 3250 Zhixin Finally Got Engaged 10

“Haha, we don’t really believe in selecting a lucky date… next Sunday’s pretty good…”

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“Next Sunday? Let me check . ”

Huo Mian took out her phone and looked at her calendar . It was the 16th of the lunar calendar . Not a bad date .

“Hm, that works . Let’s make it next Sunday, then . I’ll select the food at the hotel . ”

“Sis, it doesn’t have to be fancy . It’s just an engagement party . ”

“No way! My little brother’s engagement party… we can’t just eat whatever . Leave it to me . We have to have a good party even if we’re only inviting our own people . ”

“Haha, alright then, thanks Sis . ”

“Don’t thank me . Just work hard . ”

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“I promise!”

Huo Mian was so happy about Zhixin’s engagement that she ate two bowls of rice .

After the meal, she lay lazily across the sofa, watching a T . V . program .

Her mother went to the kitchen to clean up and Zhixin cut up some fruits for Huo Mian, placing them atop the coffee table .



“How are you feeling? Is the little man behaving in your stomach?”

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“How do you know it’s a boy?” Huo Mian looked at Zhixin as she pulled off a grape .

“Haha, Little Bean told me . I’m so happy!”

“So you’re also biased towards boys . ” Huo Mian rolled her eyes at Zhixin .

“What? No! I’m not biased towards boys, okay? I love Pudding and Little Bean! It’s just that… you already have daughters… and two at that… Wouldn’t it be great if this one’s a son? Plus, once he grows up, I can teach him to play soccer, I can buy him video games, and I can teach him to chase after girls . Hahaha…”

“So as his uncle, you’re going to be a bad influence?”

“All boys have to go through these things to grow up, haha . I saw a story recently . It made me believe in a lot of these things . ”

“What story?” Huo Mian placed her head atop Zhixin’s shoulders and said sweetly .

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Suddenly, she was overcome with feelings of nostalgia . When she was in high school, Zhixin was still just a stupid little kid .

Now, in the blink of an eye, he was getting engaged . Time really waited for no one…

“It’s a story about two men . A show gave them 2000 yuan each and had them go after women . Whoever successfully beds the women wins . The winner gets another 5000 yuan as a reward . ”

“What happened?” The story piqued Huo Mian’s interest .

“The first man went for a steady and honest route . He spent 1500 to buy the girl a cellphone and used the remaining 500 to treat her to dinner . After their dinner, the girl took the phone, thanked him, and left . He failed . ”

“What about the second?” Huo Mian asked .

“The second one was more strategic . He first spent 1500 to rent a BMW . Out of the remaining 500, he used 320 to buy the girl a Chanel lipstick, telling her to wear it every time they go on a date, and the remaining 180 on a bowl of dumplings, saying it was his favorite food and how it reminded him of his mother’s cooking . The girl naturally thought that the man was rich . He knew enough to buy her Chanel, which showcased his great taste . He also liked his mother’s dumplings which meant he was filial and kind . Without a second thought, she got into his car . They didn’t even go to a hotel . They did it in the car . Obviously, he was successful . ”

“Wow, the second man’s so clever . ” Huo Mian was a little shocked by the tactics of some people .

“Yeah, there’s a popular saying nowadays that goes… the longest road I’ve taken is the web you’ve weaved for me,” said Zhixin .

“Hahahaha, classic!” Huo Mian laughed .

“Sis, if you met Su Yu and Qin Chu at the same time, would you still have chosen Qin Chu without a second thought?”

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