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Published at 21st of June 2020 03:10:05 AM
Chapter 3246: 3246
Chapter 3246 Zhixin Finally Got Engaged 6

“Why are you doing this?” Su Yu watched her silently .

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“Su Yu, I have an idea . Your mom and your aunt both want us together… they ship us as a couple . Plus, think about it, if you chase me away, your family will find other girls to bother you . Compared to that, why not have someone you’re already familiar with next to you? Hehe… we can make a pact . I’ll pretend to be your girlfriend . You can have your life and I’ll have mine . I’ll talk on Wechat, meet people over the internet, and you can’t interfere . You can bring women home and eat with Doctor Huo and I won’t ask any questions . I’ll be your girlfriend only in name and it’ll save you a lot of trouble . How about that?” Zeng Rou’s eyes lit up .

“Sounds good… for me . What about you? What are you after?” Su Yu stared at Zeng Rou .

“Honestly, my dad’s been pestering me about marriage recently . He introduced many boyfriends to me and all of them are such ass-kissers . Spoiled kids, high-achievers who studied abroad, domestic rich men, diplomat’s children… none of them appeal to me . I think we can use this cover to stay free for a couple more years . Isn’t that nice?”

Zeng Rou didn’t look like she was faking, making Su Yu waver…

“Relax, I won’t fall in love with you . You’re too mean and not at all gentlemanly, screaming and cursing at a woman… completely not my type,” Zeng Rou added .

Su Yu didn’t know what to say…

“Did you watch T . V . ? You know Ni Yang, right? That’s my type . Handsome and kind… Unfortunately… he’s already married . I heard he married a nurse… Anyway, I’ll keep an eye out on the artists under your company . Haha, I honestly want to find a celebrity boyfriend . ”

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“Alright…” Su Yu thought that there was definitely something wrong with the girl’s mind . Probably a brainless fangirl .

Whatever the reason, Su Yu let out a sigh of relief

“So… you won’t stick to me like glue?” Su Yu asked .

“No, no . We won’t interfere with each other’s lives and I won’t spend a penny of your money . ”

“Money isn’t important . I’ll agree as long as you don’t interfere with any of my business and leave my friends alone . ”

“Of course . ”

“And don’t talk to the press . ”

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“Haha, I’ll delete my Weibo account immediately,” Zeng Rou promised .

“And don’t cause Huo Mian any trouble . ”

“Geez, you’re so annoying… didn’t you just say that? It’s not like I’m deaf…” Zeng Rou was beyond annoyed .

“Alright, remember what you said . ”

“So… you’re agreeing?” Zeng Rou’s heart pounded from joy .

“Yes . You can stay here temporarily . However… if you cause me any trouble, I’ll kick you out immediately . ”

“Alright, alright, thank you, President Su, for accepting me . ” Zeng Rou smiled .

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Zeng Rou took advantage of her sudden hospital visit to get closer to Su Yu . At least the latter was willing to take her suggestion .

After he left the room, An went up to him and asked, “President Su, how’s Miss Zeng?”

“You’re worried about her? Why don’t you ask her yourself?”

An: “…”

“President Su, I actually think Miss Zeng’s not a bad person… she’s not as evil as we think . ” While An was drinking with Zeng Rou, he discovered that she was nothing more than a girl hurt by love; she really wasn’t that manipulative .

“I didn’t say she was evil,” Su Yu corrected .

“Does that mean you’re accepting her?” An thought that his boss’s heart was finally softening .

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