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Chapter 3237: 3237
Chapter 3237 Your Daughter Opened Up a Company 7

“What are you talking about? Of course, it’s not true,” Su Yu denied without hesitation .

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“I knew it . You’ve been single-minded for years and won’t change all of a sudden…” Shen Mingxi said with a smile .

“That crazy woman is not my type . ”

“I know . ”

“Then why did you ask?” Su Yu chuckled .

“Let’s drink . ”

Young Master Shen had a lot on his mind tonight . He had wanted to talk about more things with Su Yu but didn’t know how to begin .

Not knowing his own thoughts, he felt frustrated .

– In South Hill Manor –

After work, Qin Chu drove his wife and daughter back home with bodyguards protecting them in the front and back .

Since Huo Mian returned, Qin Chu had taken extra measures to protect her .

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He knew although Huo Siqian was in his control, he faced people more horrible than Huo Siqian .

Those people were a greater threat to Huo Mian and their family .

When they returned home, Qin Chu’s mother had prepared a bountiful supper .

“Whoa! It smells so good . What did you make, Grandma?” Little Bean asked the moment she entered the house .

“Little girl, you have a keen sense of smell . ” Mrs . Qin chuckled and pinched her small cheek .

“Tell me, Grandma . I’m starving . ”

“Dumplings . Are you happy?”

“Whoa! That’s my dad’s favorite food, especially those made by you . Grandma, you are showing favoritism to your son . ”

“Little kiddo, you sound as if you don’t like them . ”

“I like them . I’m not picky and eat everything delicious . Haha!”

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Then she skipped to the living room and threw herself into her grandpa’s arms .

“You two, go wash your hands . Supper is ready . ” Mrs . Qin glanced at her son and daughter-in-law .

“Mom, you made dumplings again . ”

“Yeah . I heard from the cook that you wanted to eat dumplings with pickled cabbage,” Qin Chu’s mother said benignly .

“I just mentioned it in passing . Mom, I’m sorry to have troubled you . ” Huo Mian felt guilty .

She didn’t want to get others busy just because she was pregnant .

Her mother-in-law was old, and it took her a long time to make the dough, filling, and the dumplings .

They had maids, but the old lady always made the dumplings herself to guarantee the original flavor .

Huo Mian felt guilty about it .

“Child, don’t mention it . We’re family and you are my child just like Chu . I’ll make whatever food you want to eat . Go and wash hands . ”

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The old lady urged them .

Full of happiness, Huo Mian held Qin Chu’s hand and walked toward the washroom on the first floor .

When they walked past Pudding, they saw she was doing something on her cellphone .

“Pudding, when did you come back home?”

“In the afternoon . ”

“You stayed at Imperial Star for a whole day?” Huo Mian was surprised .

“Yeah . I was in Handsome Su’s office at noon and watched the company’s actors rehearse in the afternoon . ”

“You had a busy day . What? Are you interested in making movies?” Huo Mian asked Pudding casually with a smile .

“Mom, I’ll talk to you about it later . Now you go and wash your hands; we’ll have supper first . ”

“Um… You sound as if it’s a big deal . ” Huo Mian smiled and didn’t take it seriously .

During the supper, Little Bean couldn’t control her mouth .

“Grandpa, Grandma, I have good news . ”

“What good news?” Senior Mrs . Qin looked puzzled .

“You and Grandpa must each give me 1,000 yuan . Sis, you’re rich and must give me 10,000 yuan, or I won’t tell you,” Little Bean said with a smug smile .

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