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Chapter 3234: 3234
Chapter 3234 Your Daughter Opened Up a Company 4

“We didn’t even officially go out, so how could there be a break-up… At that time, he was good to me even though we didn’t go out like a formal couple . Sometimes, we’d go out to have snacks and walk in the night markets… I watched his matches and even bought him a pair of limited edition sneakers which was the same style as those worn by Jordan… I felt happy and thought I’d marry after graduation, just like all the lucky girls . ”

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An didn’t speak . He just drank beer silently and listened to her story .

He didn’t know why Zeng Rou told him this story since he was a stranger to her .

But sometimes one could only tell certain things to strangers .

“Due to my special background, I remained low-profiled at school and my dad had bodyguards protect me in secret . Not to draw attention, I always took a taxi to go home after school and never let our chauffeur drive me . So, the guy I liked thought I was only a daughter of a working family . When we were about to graduate and everyone was busy looking for work, he said to me one day that he wanted to continue his education in a university abroad . ”

Zeng Rou glanced at An with unreadable eyes; she was still smiling but her smile looked sad .

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“When he told me that, I was very happy; I was about to tell him that I’d go to any country he wanted to go and wanted to always stay with him . But I didn’t have a chance to say it because he told me, ‘I’m sorry, Rou, but it’s not easy for me to come to this stage and I want to go farther . I can’t waste my youth in this small city… . '”

“What happened then?” An asked in a soft voice .

“Then he left . I thought he left me because he wanted to go and study abroad . When I returned to my dorm, my good friend told me that he had actually hooked up with a girl from another major . That girl looked ordinary and wasn’t brilliant, but her family was rich with her father running a chain of superstores . He went out with the girl and then her father paid for them to study in the U . S . together . ”

“Why didn’t you tell him your background?” An felt any man would be stunned by her family background .

“It would be meaningless . If I told him and he stayed because of it, it wouldn’t be love,” Zeng Rou said sulkily .

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“So, you broke up just like this?”

“Yeah . The funny thing is that when he came back, the girl’s family went broke; he broke up with her and immediately married a doctor working in an army hospital; then his father-in-law arranged for him to be a prosecutor in the procuratorate . ”

“Well . This man climbed up by stepping on women . ” An felt he wouldn’t do such a despicable thing even though he was only a bodyguard .

“Then a more ridiculous thing happened . Last year on my father’s birthday, many people came to our home to celebrate it . He was introduced to my father and then came to the party with a top-quality tea set, hoping my dad would promote him . When he saw me, his face was… Haha!”

“He was stunned, right?”

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“Not stunned; he looked… very stupid,” Zeng Rou took another swig of beer and said .

“He must regret that he broke up with you . ”

“Yeah . Anyway, he said, ‘Rou, I didn’t know your father… is Governor Zeng,'” Zeng Rou said .

“Do you think he loved you?”

“I don’t know . It was years ago, and I don’t want to dwell on it . It’s just a story about how a guy betrayed the love of a silly woman,” Zeng Rou said nonchalantly .

“So, does your story have anything to do with your interest in President Su?” An drew the topic back to the issue they had been talking about .

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