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Published at 17th of June 2020 09:50:06 AM
Chapter 3230: 3230
Chapter 3230 You are Like a Piece of Gum 10

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“I want to use the washroom . ”

Su Yu: “…”

An: “…”

“Open the door . I might have eaten something bad and need to use the toilet…”

An looked at Su Yu as if asking for his opinion .

“Open the door,” Su Yu said through his clenched teeth .

An immediately opened the door; Zeng Rou raced upstairs like the wind .

“Come back! There’s a washroom on the first floor,” Su Yu called out .

“The view upstairs is better,” Zeng Rou yelled without looking back .

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Su Yu was exasperated . The woman was so pretentious that she had to go to a washroom with good views .

“President Su, you told me to open the door . It’s not my fault…” An said hurriedly, afraid that he would have to shoulder the blame .

Annoyed, Su Yu picked up his cellphone and dialed his aunt’s number .

“Nephew, I’m surprised that you called me . ” Su Yumei was happy when she answered the call .

“Aunt, please take the sticky plaster out of here . ”

“Sticky plaster? Who is it? The guy named An? I always thought it’s not a good idea for a chauffeur to stay with you in the house; he’d be the third wheel between you and Rou…”

“Aunt, be serious, okay? I meant Zeng Rou . ”

“Haha! Rou is super cute, right? I tell you, she’s been naughty since she was little . Her mom told me many funny anecdotes about her, and I thought she was quite like my Yu when he was little . ”

“Aunt, she’s not my type . Can you stay out of my love affair? Are you trying to kill me with frustration?” Su Yu couldn’t remain calm .

“You must get to know each other little by little . Don’t be so impatient, okay?”

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“I’m afraid I’ll die if I get to know her better . ”

“Haha! Don’t exaggerate . Rou’s personality is in fact very good . You’ll find out after you get to know her better…”

“I don’t care . You must get her out of here… as soon as possible…”

“Yu? Hello? Hello…?”

“I’m listening . ”

“Hello? What’s wrong with the phone? No signal? Okay, I’ll talk to you later . ”

Before Su Yu could reply, his aunt hung up .

No signal? What era was this, who was she trying to fool? Su Yu knew that his aunt did it on purpose .

Even if she was doing it for his sake, it was too much .

Without consulting with him, she had just sent him such an unthinkable woman .

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Tossing his cellphone onto the sofa, Su Yu leaned back with a heavy sigh .

“President Su, do you want an Instant Cardio-Reliever Pill?” An asked .

“You should just deliver me to the crematorium . ” Su Yu snorted .

An almost burst into laughter since he had never seen his boss so frustrated about someone .

About half an hour later, Zeng Rou walked down slowly from upstairs .

“Su Yu, I have a suggestion for you . ”

Su Yu turned his head and ignored her…

“I suggest you block the wifi in your washrooms . My legs went to sleep after playing a few rounds of King of Glory while sitting on the toilet seat…” said Zeng Rou .

“Pu…” An couldn’t suppress his laughter .

Su Yu glanced at her gloomily . “So, you just criticize me after using my washroom?”

“No, I’d feel better if I won . But I lost several rounds in a row . I got a conclusion that I can’t play King of Glory when I sit on the toilet seat because the place is stinky and doesn’t have good Fengshui,” Zeng Rou said with a straight face .

“Hahaha! Miss Zeng, you’re funny . ” An had never met such a funny girl before .

“I’ll give you three seconds to get out of my sight . ” Su Yu was furious .

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