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Chapter 3229: 3229
Chapter 3229 You are Like a Piece of Gum 9

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“President Su, I didn’t…”

“You didn’t?” Su Yu glanced at him .

“The girl asked herself, and I couldn’t refuse . How could I, right?”

“Well, you gave her the lychees and try to act innocent… My mom told me these are the top-quality lychees with a price as high as 500 yuan a pound; with five pounds in each box, it costs only 2,500 yuan . Without my permission, you gave that shameless woman two boxes . So, I’ll deduct 5,000 yuan from your next month’s salary . Good, problem solved . ”

Hearing his words, An almost wept .

“Please don’t . I don’t have much and you’ll deduct money from my salary . Never mind; I’ll ask her to return the lychees…”

An turned to walk toward the door .

“Come back . Are you really going to do it?”

“Yeah,” An said with a sulky face .

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“How can you ask them back after giving them to her?” Su Yu asked with a chuckle .

“It’s better than losing 5,000 yuan… After all, I don’t know her; why should I pay for the lychees for her?”

“Forget it . Since it’s done, I won’t take the money from you . But don’t do it again . ”

“Okay . ” An had known Su Yu wouldn’t bear to deduct his pay .

“But… you must think of a way to kick her out . I can’t let her stay here and camp in front of my house . That’s just ridiculous . If the word gets out, how can I face other people?”

“What can we do? Shall we call the police?”

“Nope . Do you know who her father is?”

“No . ” An shook his head .

“Her father is a big official at the provincial government; Chief Zeng, the new chief of the provincial public security bureau is her uncle . ”

“Oh what the fack… She’s got such a big background, then why is such a girl doing such a shameless thing here?”

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“I’m puzzled, too . ” Su Yu was frustrated .

He had planned to get Zeng Rou out of his sight even if he had to get her kidnapped .

But he was shocked when he found out about her background .

His aunt only mentioned that she was the daughter of a high-level official and didn’t tell him which official .

Su Yu had thought she was a daughter of a chief of the State Taxation Bureau, the Local Taxation Bureau, the Water Resource Bureau, or something along those lines…

But now he learned that her father was a figure who could sit with the provincial governor in meetings .

Her uncle was the new chief of the provincial public security bureau, and the Zeng Family was quite well-known in the capital of the province with a good reputation .

Since Su Yu’s aunt and uncle were on good terms with the Zeng Family, it was natural for them to try to improve their relationship with marriage .

Finding out her background, Su Yu was helpless since the local police wouldn’t dare to touch her .

Even Gao Ran had to be polite to the girl due to her connections .

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Since he couldn’t get her out with force, he found the situation a bit tricky…



“You go…”

“Go where?” An was puzzled .

“You go and get the woman out of here . ”

“President Su, you are overestimating me . How can I manage the task that even you can’t achieve?”

“You can try seducing her . ”

An trembled as if he was struck by a thunderbolt .

He almost dropped to his knees before Su Yu .

“President Su, please have mercy on me for the sake of the services I’ve done for you over so many years…”

“You’re useless . I just asked you to handle a woman . ” Su Yu felt resigned .

“President Su, you’re still single at your age . I think you should do a good deed and take her… It will be a win-win solution,” An tried to persuade him in a low voice .

“I…” Su Yu was about to retort when a knock came at the door .

“Su Yu! Open the door! Open the door…” Zeng Rou yelled .

“What do you want?” Su Yu was at the end of his patience .

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