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Chapter 3228: 3228
Chapter 3228 You are Like a Piece of Gum 8

Puzzled, Su Yu called An .

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“President Su . ”

“You drove the client home?”

“Yeah . ”

“Then why the fack are you not back yet?” Su Yu suddenly felt a bit lonely when An wasn’t here helping him .

“I was on my way back when your mother called me and had me go to the old manor . ”

“Why did she call you?” Su Yu was surprised .

“She said your grandpa’s old subordinates brought back some lychees from the south and they are very delicious . She told me to bring some to you . ”

“I’m not a child and don’t need fruits . Hurry up and move your ass back . ”

“Okay, President Su . ”

“Hey . Wait… How many lychees do you have? Pack a few boxes and deliver them to South Hill Manor,” Su Yu instructed .

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“Don’t worry . Your mother had delivered some lychees to them . Boss, do you think it’s right to think of Dr . Huo so much?” An reminded him in a friendly manner .

“Nonsense . I was thinking of my Pudding and Little Bean . ” Su Yu didn’t want to admit that An was right .

“Fine . You win, President Su . ”

Chuckling, An hung up .

Watching the madwoman dance and jump while she did the live stream in front of his house, Su Yu was at the end of his patience .

He decided to get An to toss her out when he came back; he didn’t want this mad woman to stay in front of his house .

Zeng Rou looked back and saw Su Yu was watching her from the window .

She waved at him and said to the camera on her cellphone, “Would you like to have a street dance with me? Come and dance with me! Let’s have some fun!”

Su Yu: “…”

Speechless, Su Yu directly shut the curtains .

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The fans watching the live stream went wild as the girls flooded the screen with comments .

“Ahhh… My Young Master Su is so shy, he even closed the curtains . Haha! He’s adorable!”

“Whoa . I’ve never looked at Mr . Su at such a close range . He’s indeed handsome, and shy, too… Thank you, Rou, for giving us the opportunity to see him . ”

A fan tipped her a virtual Porsche…

A fan tipped her a virtual plane…

Instantly, virtual gifts flooded the screen .

“Ha! Don’t tip me; I’m not doing the live stream to make money from you . I’m doing a good deed and showing you guys the daily life of the god-like rich man Su Yu,” Zeng Rou said with a chuckle .

At this moment, An came back in Su Yu’s black Audi A8; getting out of the car, he took out boxes of litchi from the trunk .

There were altogether four small exquisite-looking boxes .

“An, you’re back,” Zeng Rou greeted him as if she was his friend .

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“Um… Hello . ” An nodded .

“What’s in your arms?”

“They are lychees that President Su’s mother gave to him . ”

“Wow! Lychees! My favorite fruit!”

“Um… Would you like to try some?” An felt he was obliged to be polite since the girl had asked .

Besides, he knew girls were all shy and she wouldn’t take his offer .

But he was in for a surprise .

“Okay, okay! Give me two boxes…”

“Um…” An had altogether four boxes and the girl asked for two of them . It was really…

“What? You don’t want to give them to me?” Zeng Rou looked at An .

“No . Not at all . Here you go . ”

“Thank you . You’re so kind . I’ll treat you spicy hot pot in the future…” Then she took two boxes of lychees from An .

Feeling awkward, An walked in with the remaining two boxes .

The moment he entered the house, Su Yu asked him with a faint smile, “Very good . You used my stuff to gain favor from a girl . Nicely done . ”

Startled, An shivered and almost dropped the boxes onto the floor .

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