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Chapter 3225: 3225
Chapter 3225 You are Like a Piece of Gum 5

“Honey, umm…” Huo Mian wanted to say something but Qin Chu didn’t give her a chance .

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He just kissed her without warning .

What was he doing?

After a long while, when Huo Mian felt that she was out of breath, Qin Chu lifted his head reluctantly, but he still held her tightly to him .

“Honey, what happened? Did you have alcohol?” Huo Mian looked confused .

Qin Chu: “…”

“Honey, did you have a nightmare when you napped?” Huo Mian had a vivid imagination .

Qin Chu: “…”

“Oh, I know it now . You must have done something bad and are afraid that I’ll scold you, so you want to soften me with a kiss… Humph, it must be the case . Tell me, did you buy the snacks for her? Have you forgotten what I told you? You can’t let the kids eat this stuff, especially the sweetened soft drinks which are full of edible pigments . Their immune system…”

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Huo Mian was in the middle of a long lecture when Mr . Qin asked suddenly, “Honey, is our baby a boy?”

“Um… Where did you hear that?”

“Answer me first . ” Qin Chu looked at his wife’s eyes with a solemn expression .

“I… I know it’s not right to do such a thing . As a leader of the hospital, it’s wrong for me to take a peek of the baby’s gender . But… I just did it to satisfy my curiosity . Ha! After all, no matter it’s a boy or a girl, it’s our child…”

“Answer me . ” Qin Chu was exasperated as Huo Mian circled around and wouldn’t get to the point .

“Um, yes,” finally, Huo Mian mumbled out two words .

Immediately, Qin Chu’s eyes softened .

He reached out and caressed her elegant cheek .

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“So, we’ll have both daughters and a son this time, right?” Qin Chu looked almost in a bit of disbelief .

“Ha! Don’t depend on it . If the machine was wrong and it turned out to be a girl…” Huo Mian didn’t dare to get his hopes up since the baby was still tiny .

“I know . It doesn’t matter, really, so long as she comes . ”

But he knew Huo Mian was just being careful . After all, the devices at South Side couldn’t make such a mistake .

So, he believed the baby in her belly was indeed a boy .

In fact, he wasn’t partial to boys, and he’d love all the babies so long as they were Huo Mian’s children .

But at the thought that his son would carry on the family name and help him manage the company, he felt full of pride .

Everyone said that one son and one daughter made the perfect family; Mr . Qin thought he was so fortunate that he’d have a son after two daughters .

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He had never imagined that one day he’d be so happy .

Driven by the excitement, he behaved differently today .

Carrying Huo Mian in his arms, he walked to the glass window .

“Hey! What are you doing? Put me down . This is the office, someone might see us!”

“Honey, thank you… You gave me Pudding and Little Bean, and now you are giving me a son . ”

“Don’t look so smug . What if it’s not a boy?”

“I don’t care so long as it’s our baby . I’ll be happy even if you give me ten daughters . ”

Qin Chu lowered his head and kissed her forehead lovingly .

“Are you crazy? I’m not a pig; I won’t have ten children . This is our last baby…” Huo Mian protested .

“Fine . It’s your decision . ”

“Oh, Honey, I… um… must confess something to you . ” Thinking of the incident with Huo Siqian, Huo Mian felt guilty .

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