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Published at 16th of June 2020 10:15:05 AM
Chapter 3224: 3224
Chapter 3224 You are Like a Piece of Gum 4

Su Yu: “What on earth do you want?”

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Zeng Rou: “You’ll give me whatever I want?”

Su Yu: “Name your price . You just want money, right? Take the money and get out of here . ”

Su Yu knew she must come from an influential family since she was selected by his aunt . She was just a girl who wanted to marry above her; the best way to deal with such women was by giving them money and they would get out of his life .

Zeng Rou: “You’re wrong, great President Su . I do have a motive and purpose, but it’s not money . Money is indeed good, but my family isn’t in shortage of it . My purpose is you . You want me to leave? That’s easy . Just get naked and have sex with me, and I’ll get out of here with my suitcase . ”

Su Yu: “You’re a woman; how can you be so shameless? How can you say such things?”

Zeng Rou: “Hahaha! You seem to have straight man cancer… In this modern society, women can do anything they want . What? You mean only men can keep mistresses and women can’t find a pretty young man to satisfy her needs? You’re so narrow-minded…”

Su Yu: “Don’t pull that shit on me . Name your price . ”

Zeng Rou: “I told you . Just have sex with me . If you don’t want to do it at your home to keep your reputation, we can do it in a hotel . It’s just sex; how difficult can it be?”

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Su Yu: “…”

Su Yu: “Then we have nothing to talk about . Just wait, damned woman . I’ll show you . ”

He was furious . The woman kept talking about having sex as if he was a novice in it .

He logged out of Weibo in a fury .

Sitting before the computer, Zeng Rou burst out into laughter .

“Hahaha! Su Yu is a little shy guy . Very interesting . I think it’s getting more and more fun . ”

Crunching on potato chips, she continued to reply to the trashing comments from trolls on the internet, feeling like she had never had such fun in all her 20-plus years of life .

She should have listened to Aunt Su and come to C City earlier .

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Su Yu was fun; so were the people in this place . Everyone was fun…

When Huo Mian returned to GK, Qin Chu was assigning work to some high-level executives of the company .

Fatigued with her playing, Little Bean was asleep on the sofa .

Qin Chu had tucked a blanket around her . Even in sleep, she clutched a bag of potato chips in her fist .

On the table before the desk were yogurt, soft drinks, and some sweets, showing how Mr . Qin spoilt his younger daughter .

When she walked in, all the high-level executives stood up and greeted her warmly, “Young Madam . ”

Some of them still called her “President Huo” .

“Please sit down, guys . Go on with your business; please don’t mind me . ” Huo Mian smiled at them .

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She walked to the tea table and began to put away the leftover snacks .

“Young Madam, let me do it . You’re pregnant . ” Yang hurried over to help her .

He hadn’t put them away because he didn’t know if Little Bean would want to eat them after she woke up .

“I’m fine . I’m just pregnant, not sick . I’m not so fragile,” Huo Mian said .

“Let’s stop here . Give me a call if you have questions,” Qin Chu said .

“Okay . President Qin, see you later . ”

Qin Chu nodded .

Then the executives said goodbye to Huo Mian and left the office .

Huo Mian turned to Qin Chu and scolded, “Honey, look at this . How can you give her these snacks? I told you…”

Before she could finish, Qin Chu took her into his arms and covered her lips with his .

“Um… Washroom here I come . ” Embarrassed, Yang found an excuse and ran out .

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