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Chapter 3221: 3221
Chapter 3221 You are Like a Piece of Gum 1

“Although Mom didn’t tell me and Aunt Jie didn’t ask her in front of me, I can still guess the result from my mom’s behavior . ”

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“Your mom’s behavior?” Qin Chu asked with a smile .

“We were supposed to go home after the prenatal examination, but Mom suddenly said she’d come to the company to see you . Isn’t it a sign of her excitement?” Little Bean analyzed reasonably .

“Very good . Continue with your analysis, Little Qin . ”

“I think Mom must know the gender of the baby; since she wanted to come and see you, I’m sure the baby is a little brother . ”

“How can you be so sure? What if it’s a little sister?”

“That’s impossible . Even though you all say you don’t care it’s a boy or a girl, we don’t need girls now since you have me and my sister . So, if Mom gives birth to a boy, everyone will be happy . I overheard Grandpa and Grandma say that they wished this baby is a boy, so our Qin Family will have an heir…”

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Hearing her words, Qin Chu couldn’t smile; he felt a lump in his throat .

He kissed Little Bean on the forehead lovingly .

“Little Bean, Dad and Mom love you and your sister very much . No matter if your mom gives birth to a boy or a girl, I’ll always love you and your sister as much as before . ”

“Of course, I know that . They say daughters were their father’s lovers in their last lifetime . So, Old Qin, you don’t have to explain to me because I trust you won’t dump your lovers from your previous lives…” Little Bean comforted Qin Chu .

The words sounded ridiculous, but Qin Chu felt warm inside .

Little Bean wasn’t as thoughtful as Pudding and she was also a babbler and an eating machine, but no one could resist her when she got serious . Fortunately, Mr . Qin was strong enough or he’d burst into tears when he heard these words .

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“Yeah . We’ll be a family forever . Dad and Mom love each of you with the same love . ”

“Okay . Old Qin, you don’t have to be so sentimental with me . I think it’s a good thing that Mom has a boy this time . After all, someone needs to inherit the great fortune of our family . My sister is capable, but she’s still a girl; when she marries, she’ll bring our money to another family, right? If that happens, then Uncle Wei’s family will be richer than us . So, if Mom gives birth to a boy, we’ll have someone to manage the company; when my sister and I get bullied, we’ll have someone to protect us… When you and Mom are old, our brother will help me and my sister to take care of you guys . In conclusion, I think it’s a good thing to have a brother to share the burden and take blame . ”Read latest chapters at Listnovel . com

Little Bean’s logic was impeccable . Qin Chu had never listened to her so earnestly .

He actually found that she made perfect sense .

“Little Bean, you’re right . I’m proud of you . ”

“Um… Since you like what I said, Old Qin, can you order a box of egg tarts for me?”

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“Didn’t you eat something with your mom?”

“Egg tarts are a snack, not the main meal . ”

“Fine…” Qin Chu admitted total defeat to his daughter .

“By the way, don’t tell Mom; she doesn’t like me eating sweet stuff,” Little Bean said guiltily .

As she mentioned Huo Mian, Qin Chu suddenly realized that he hadn’t heard from her for a long time . He wondered what she was busy with .

Picking up his cellphone, he called Huo Mian…

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