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Chapter 3217: 3217
Chapter 3217 Do You Dare to Hit Me? 7

“Oh no, I’m just coming back for a prenatal check-up,” Huo Mian smiled and said .

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“Ah, look at my memory, I almost forgot about your prenatal check-up . Let’s go arrange it for you . ”

“Thanks . ”

Huo Mian nodded and continued walking with Little Bean .

“Little Bean, do you want to eat something?”

“No thanks, Auntie, I just ate with Mommy at the pizza shop,” said Little Bean in a nice tone .

“Then how about Auntie gets you a cup of water?”

“Okay, thank you Auntie . ”

Whenever Little Bean went out, she always had good manners, which made Huo Mian quite content .

After entering, Little Bean sat down on the couch and started playing on her cell phone .

Huo Mian sat in front of her office computer and browsed through some recent data related to the hospital .

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It wasn’t long before Chen Jie came back and said, “Chief, everything’s all set, the OB/GYN Department said you can go over there now” .

“Okay . ”

“Chief, do you want to know the gender afterward?” Chen Jie had a mysterious grin .

“Eh… I don’t think it’s a good idea . ” Huo Mian knew that there were strict rules that prohibited her from knowing the gender, for fear that some families would abort the unborn baby after learning that it was a girl due to their strong preference for a boy .

So many innocent lives lost their chance to come to this world because of this .

“No big deal, we’re really just looking at the gender . No matter if it’s a boy or a girl, we won’t abort it, then it can’t count as against the rule,” whispered Chen Jie .

At this moment, Huo Mian was a little bit tempted .

Then she nodded and followed Chen Jie, together with Little Bean to the OB/GYN department . She started with a urine test and blood work, then got a blood pressure test, and last was the ultrasound .

Huo Mian lied down on the examination bed carefully .

“Deputy Director, it will be a little cold, please hold on a bit,” the female ultrasound physician gently reminded .

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“Don’t worry, just go ahead . ”

The physician carefully rolled up her dress and put some ultrasound gel on her .

Then she started moving the ultrasound probe around on her belly . It was a miraculous feeling .

Maybe the baby was scared, it suddenly moved like a little fish inside Huo Mian’s belly .

“Hah… I think it was startled,” the female physician chuckled and said .

“Yeah, it might be a little confused and not know what’s going on . ” Huo Mian was also laughing on the bed .

“Auntie, what is Mommy doing?” Not far away, Little Bean was standing there and looking at her mom doing prenatal checkups on the other side of the glass with a confused look .

“Mommy is getting some checkups for the little baby . ”

“Even now? Isn’t it not even born yet?” Little Bean was confused .

“Even inside the belly, you can see the baby’s health condition . ”

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“Wow, that’s magical! And so cool, I want to be a doctor too when I grow up,” Little Bean said seriously .

She still remembered that last time when grandpa visited, he taught her a lot of interesting things .

At that time, grandpa complimented her, saying “our Little Bean really has the talent to become a doctor” .

And now, even Little Bean started to feel that being a doctor was a really noble job .

Especially after saving a lot of patients, on seeing patients reuniting with their families, wouldn’t you feel accomplished?

After entering Mommy’s office, Little Bean saw lots of pennants in her mommy’s office .

These must be given by the patients because judging from her mom’s personality, she would never hire someone to write those things .

“Auntie, my mommy is a really good doctor right?”

“Of course! Your mommy is really famous at our South Side Recuperation Center . Lots of patients who don’t really belong to our hospital, after hearing about your mommy somewhere, would request her to perform the surgery for them . A lot of them even tried to gift your mom a lot of things, some even offered gold bricks . But she didn’t accept any . ”

“That’s for sure . Just those gold bricks, who cares? Our family is really rich okay?” said Little Bean proudly .

“Hahaha, but this is not the emphasis . What’s more important here is that our deputy director is really honest okay?”

“Yes, my mommy said that ‘A noble man earns his wealth in a proper way’, so if that money doesn’t belong to you, you can’t accept it,” said Little Bean .

On the other side, the female physician looked at Huo Mian with a meaningful look and smiled, “Deputy Director, I saw the gender of your baby . ”

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