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Chapter 3216
Chapter 3216 Do You Dare to Hit Me? 6

“What the heck are you thinking in your little brain?”

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“Don’t be shy Handsome Su, you’re a man after all so of course, you have your needs . But if you call ‘delivery’, you’d better be careful . ”

Su Yu was speechless .

What Pudding said was beyond her years, which made Su Yu not know how to respond .

“Whatever, even after I tell you, you guys won’t understand me . ”

“Then we have a deal?”

“Fine, Little Boss Qin, we’ll cooperate . ” Su Yu wasn’t sure how to feel about it .

Here Pudding was eating teppanyaki with Su Yu while a lot was going on with Huo Mian and Little Bean in the South Side Recuperation Center .

“Deputy Director, you are back?”

“Deputy Director, good afternoon, I haven’t seen you in a while . ”

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“Deputy Director, your baby is already four or five months old right?”

“Is this your older one or the younger one? So cute . ”

After Huo Mian came back, the doctors and nurses all came over to say hi to her and her daughter .

Little Bean didn’t really like being surrounded and watched like an animal in the zoo .

They all didn’t know the truth but just assumed Huo Mian was on leave due to her pregnancy .

After all, the first three months were critical .

“I haven’t been back for a long time, is everyone alright?” Huo Mian smiled .

“We all miss you so much, Deputy Director . We’re not used to you not being here . Director Wu came back a few times but it still didn’t feel the same as when you were still here . ”

“You guys go back to work first, I need to go to my office to grab some documents . I’ll be back to talk later . ”

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“Okay, Deputy Director . If you need anything, let us know . ”

Then, everyone started leaving .

Huo Mian held Little Bean’s hand and walked upstairs .

“Mommy, they seem to respect you a lot . ”

“Yes, but do you know why?” asked Huo Mian .

“Because you are the leader?”

“Not just because of that . ”

“Then it’s because you are rich and they look up to you?” asked Little Bean .

“Also not right . ”

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“So… it’s because they think Mommy has a good relationship with everyone and is also nice looking?”

“It’s not related to appearance . Your mommy is not Brigitte Lin, why would the appearance matter?” (TL Note: Brigitte Lin is a very beautiful Chinese celebrity)

“Then I don’t really know,” said Little Bean with her lips pursed .

“In fact, the reason why everyone respects Mommy is that Mommy has professional ethics and will focus on saving people’s lives first . ”

“Okay, that’s why . ” Little Bean seemed to understand a bit but not totally .

Huo Mian’s contributions to South Side over the past few years were widely recognized .

A lot of patients who were sent in as an emergency were still alive now thanks to Huo Mian’s prompt decisions .

There was even one time, after being operated on after a car accident, a man was healed but left the hospital without paying the outstanding balance .

Huo Mian took out her own money to cover the expenses . Everyone else felt bad for her and wanted to distribute a share as well, but Huo Mian said that since she was the leader, she had the most responsibility .

All those things, no matter big or small, were the reasons that everyone respected her .

“Little Bean, remember what Mommy said, in your lifetime, you don’t have to be a goddess or a noble . You don’t have to leave a good reputation like Lei Feng or be a famous philanthropist that goes down in history, but you have to be a kind person . ”

“I know that Mommy . As the first line of Three-Character Canon goes, ‘Man on earth, good at birth; the same nature, varies on nurture’, isn’t it?” Little Bean recited very quickly .

“Yes, exactly . Mommy doesn’t expect you and your sister to grow up to make huge achievements or contribute to society with great ideas . I just hope you two can be good people, and stay safe and sound . No matter what you do, you should do it with peace in your heart and not harm anyone . ”

“Wow… It sounds so complicated . Although I don’t really understand, everything Mommy just said is correct and I will definitely listen to Mommy . ” Little Bean nodded understandingly .

“Director, you are back for work already?” Chen Jie was surprised but also excited to see Huo Mian in front of the office .

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