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Chapter 3206: 3206
Chapter 3206 A Woman Appeared on the Bed 6

“You’re back?” The woman turned around and looked at Su Yu, supporting her head with her right hand and looking like the mistress of the house .

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Su Yu was even more confused .

Did he enter the wrong house? Impossible . This wasn’t a townhouse, but a detached house on a land which was hundreds of meters in diameter .

It was impossible for him to enter the wrong house .

“You… You… Are you a human or a ghost?” Su Yu stood at the door, terrified .

“Damn it… Of course, I’m human . ” The woman was piqued .

“Lady, this my home . How did you get in? You broke into a private house . If I call the police, you’ll face years of imprisonment . If you don’t want to end up in a cell, get out of here now…”

Su Yu was used to living alone and was nonplussed when a woman suddenly appeared in his home .

If it was a man, he’d have walked up and given him a good beating .

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But he couldn’t hit a woman . So, he only issued an angry warning .

“Hey! How can you talk to me like this? Do you think I’d break into your home? I don’t need your money . Anyway, you don’t have any valuables to steal; you don’t even have a painting worth more than 10 million yuan . ”

“Damn it… How can you look down on me? I don’t like famous paintings… Even one box of wine in my house is worth more than 10 million yuan . Woman, did you come from the countryside? Or are you a crazy housemaid?” Su Yu said . Update by Listnovel . com

“What? Do you have such expensive wine? It must be from a good year . I won’t believe you until I show it to me . ” The woman licked her lips .

“Who do you think you are? You want me to show it to you? Get out of here now or take the consequences . ”

Su Yu tried to kick her out .

“I won’t get out . I’ll live here as the madam from now on . ”

“I didn’t facking say I’m selling the house,” said Su Yu .

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“I didn’t say I wanted to buy this damned house…” The woman smiled .

“Shut up . Get out now before I toss you out . ” Su Yu tried to suppress his fury .

“Haha! Everyone says you’ve got a had temper, and now I know the rumors are true . No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend even though you’re over thirty… What a foul temper . ”

“Hay! I say…” Su Yu was enraged .

At this moment, his cellphone rang .

He glanced at the caller’s number and hesitated for a moment before answering .

“Hello, Yu…”

“Hi, Aunt . ”

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“You’re not in bed yet?”

“No . ”

“Then… are you home now?”

“Yes . ”

“Did you see the gift I sent to you?”

“Gift?” Su Yu was stupefied as if he was struck by a lightning bolt .

“Hello? Are your there, Yu?”

“Don’t tell me the thing on the bed is your gift,” Su Yu asked .

“The thing? She’s a beautiful girl, right?”

“How can you call her beautiful? I thought she was a ghost . Aunt, are you crazy?” Su Yu yelled over the phone .

“Calm down, kid, and let me finish . Zeng Rou is a good girl, the most elegant girl of all the daughters of the officials in the provincial government . She graduated from Fudan University with straight ‘A’s . With a major in financial management, she will be able to help you manage the company . I talked about it with your parents and your grandpa, and they have no objections . She told me she’d like to tour C City and didn’t want to stay in a hotel, so I think she can stay in your place for a few days since you have many rooms . During her stay, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know her better . What do you think, my nephew? Are you surprised? Are you pleased?”

When his aunt asked the questions playfully, Su Yu almost exploded in fury .

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