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Chapter 3201
Chapter 3201 A Woman Appeared on the Bed 1

“Hahaha! Whoa! Our Little Bean is rebellious…” Laughing, Qin Chu’s uncle held Little Bean with one arm .

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“I’m not rebellious . It’s you who’s not being fair to us . The baby isn’t out yet, and you’re already giving him so many good things . ”

“I leave things for you sisters, too . ”

“Really?” Little Bean’s eyes brightened .

“Of course, I never lie to you . ” Qin Chu’s uncle pinched her nose tip with love in his eyes .

As people said, all the people, no matter how heartless and cold they were when they were young, would soften when they had grandchildren . So was Grandpa Su and Qin Chu’s uncle .

“Heihei . That’s more like it . I knew my sister and I would be well rewarded for being so good to you, Grand-uncle . ”

“Little girl, you’ll get all your granduncle’s fortune sooner or later with your glib tongue… When that happens, what can I live on?” Qin Ning teased Little Bean .

“That’s impossible . Auntie, you sound as if Uncle Tang is so poor…”

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“Whoa . Little kid, your glib tongue is astounding . ”

With Huo Mian back, the family was happy and cozy .

After supper, Huo Mian wanted her mother and Zhixin to stay in the house for the night since there were many guest rooms in here .

But her mother insisted on going home .

At last, Zhixin drove Bella and his mother out of South Hill Manor .

Before she left, Yang Meirong held Huo Mian’s hand and said, “Mian, you’re pregnant, so you must go to bed early; when you take a shower, be careful of the slippery floor . ”

“Mom, I know . I’ll be careful . ” Huo Mian nodded .

Rest assured by her promise, the old lady finally left .

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Then, Huo Mian and Qin Chu tucked the twins to beds . Since they had been separated from their mom for a long time, the kids were too excited to sleep . They asked Huo Mian to tell stories to them and then asked for ice cream, keeping their parents busy .

When they finally fell asleep, it was half-past eleven deep into the night .

Huo Mian and Qin Chu returned to their bedroom, feeling fatigued .

Returning to their bedroom after being away for many days, she was full of happiness .

Since they had been medical students, their room was always impeccable without any dust even in the darkest corner .

When Huo Mian came out after a shower, Qin Chu picked up a towel to dry her hair .

“Are you tired?” Qin Chu asked softly .

“No . I’m happy to see family and friends . ” Huo Mian smiled .

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“Yeah . Everyone is happy that you’re back . ”

“It means I’m quite important . I thought the earth would continue spinning without me,” Huo Mian joked .

“The earth would spin without you, but my world will stop without you,” Qin Chu said earnestly .

Huo Mian’s heart hurt because she knew Qin Chu had felt the greatest pain after she disappeared .

She had just returned and didn’t ask the details; but during the lunch, she heard Zhu Lingling mention that Qin Chu had spewed out blood and sank into a coma after Huo Siqian dragged her down the cliff .

Qin Chu had told her just briefly that he had recovered after sleeping for a few days, but she knew things hadn’t been so simple .

Huo Mian knew Qin Chu very well; he always downplayed things because he didn’t want to make her worry .

At this thought, Huo Mian turned around abruptly and held Qin Chu’s neck tightly; she held him so tightly that it was difficult for him to breathe .

“What’s wrong, Honey?” Qin Chu was nonplussed by her sudden movement .

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