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Chapter 3198: 3198
Chapter 3198 You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss 8

“I’ve made the arrangements to lock up Huo Siqian . ”

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“Okay . ”

“I’ve put my trusted men to guard him . If the people from the upper levels investigate it, I have the evidence of Huo Siqian’s murders that you gave me . Even the public security department in the province won’t hold me to it . ”

“I’m guessing they won’t get a chance to learn about it, because some people will come and rescue him soon . ”

“You mean Huo Siqian’s partners in crime?” Gao Ran was surprised .

“Kind of . This whole thing is complicated, and I’ll explain it to you later . But you can’t let Huo Siqian get in contact with other inmates . His personality is not stable . Remember to put the drug I gave you into his food each day . ”

To release Huo Siqian’s alternate personality, Qin Chu had made careful plans .

“Don’t worry . I’ve made the arrangements . We put the drug in all the food he eats, but the doses are not so big that he can notice it . We got him unless he wants to starve . ”

“Good job . ”

“What award are you going to give me for my efforts?” Gao Ran joked .

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He was wondering if he should ask for Qin Chu’s Maybach from the underground garage and drive it for a while .

To his surprise, Mr . Qin said with a straight face, “Of course . Isn’t your Boyuan going to marry into my family?”

“Damn it! Does that count?”

“You must thank me for that,” Qin Chu teased him .

“Fu*k off! Lingling and I worked so hard to raise my son and then you just lured him away . You’re indeed a shameless capitalist . ”

As they left the restaurant, the luxurious cars drove away in different directions .

Su Yu had drunk a lot and brought an intense smell of liquor into the car .

“How much did you drink?” An complained in a low voice .

Lounging on the passenger seat, Su Yu hummed a popular English song in a good mood .

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“President Su, shall we go back to your house or the old manor?” An asked .

“My house . ”

“Okay . ” An started the car and drove slowly to the road .

“An, Huo Mian’s back; she’s fine,” Su Yu said happily .

“Okay . ”

“Can’t you give me a better response?” Su Yu turned to look at An .

“I guessed it when I saw your post on my Moments . ”

“Damn it… You’re heartless; you don’t show any pleasure . ”

He had thought An would be thrilled but to his surprise, An was quite calm .

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“I might be thrilled when you bring back a big-breasted girl for the night,” An said .

“Fu*k off . When did you get so dirty?” Su Yu nudged An’s head with his fist .

“I’m just worried about you . ”

“For what?”

“Since you don’t have a girlfriend, people are saying that I’m your gay pet… I feel frustrated,” An complained bitterly .

Su Yu: “…”

“Fu*k! Who said that? I’ll go and kill him . ”

“It’s just rumors and gossip . You can kill one, but there are thousands of them out there . So, as I said, you must hurry up and find yourself a girlfriend, so I don’t have to take the blame for you . ”

An didn’t care about the gossip, but he was indeed worried about his boss .

Young Master Su was a fine man and had no reason to remain single . He was no longer young and must start planning ahead… An was just worried .

“Where can I find a girlfriend? Do you think it’s as easy as buying a head of cabbage? You can go and get one for me from the streets…”

“President Su, if you want, I’ll really do it… If I yell on the street that Young Master Su is looking for a bride, do you think it will cause an earthquake?” An chuckled .

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