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Chapter 3197: 3197
Chapter 3197 You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss 7

“You have no right to accuse me because it was your Little Bean that changed him . Our Boyuan was such an innocent kid . ” Gao Ran looked wronged .

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“Birds of a feather flock together . Uncle Gao, my dad said it’s not that I influenced Boyuan, but that he already had the potential to act like this,” Little Bean retorted in her clear voice .

Gao Ran: “…”

“Little Bean is right,” with an ice cream cone in his hand, Gao Boyuan replied earnestly .

Instantly, everyone burst into laughter .

“Look at you, son . You’re not married yet, but already you work against your dad . Do you think it’s right?” Zhu Lingling didn’t know if she should cry or laugh .

“Don’t worry, Mom . I’ll take care of you and Dad even after I’m married,” Gao Boyuan said .

“Seeing these kids, I don’t want to have sons . They are ungrateful . I think I’d better have a daughter just like Little Bean . She’ll go and lure a boy from another family…” said Tang Chuan .

“Haha! Stop it, okay?” Qin Ning chortled .

“Uncle Tang, you mocked me again . ” Little Bean glanced at Tang Chuan .

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“Be a good girl and call me Uncle . I’ll buy you candies . ” (TL Note: Uncle Tang is a polite term, but just uncle in this case meant uncle by family relation)

“Do I need candies from you? I won’t call you Uncle . After all, you’re not married to my aunt yet . I’ll call you Uncle after you officially become a member of our family . ”

“Whoa . Unbelievable . Your Qin Family is so aggressive; even a three-year-old kid lectured me,” Tang Chuan complained .

“So, will you marry into our Qin Family or not?” Qin Ning asked with a smile .

“I will! I will!” Tang Chuan submitted spinelessly .

“Pudding, what are you busy doing? You didn’t speak a word . ” Jiang Xiaowei found the super-smart Pudding didn’t talk much today .

She was doing something on her cellphone .

“Oh . I’m handling some trivial matters,” Pudding looked up and answered .

“Our Pudding is awesome . You’ll be surprised,” Su Yu said in a mysterious way .

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“What’s it? You’re making Pudding a child star? An award-winning actress?” Wei Liao guessed .

“Of course not . Our Pudding will never enter the entertainment circle . Anyway, you just wait and see . ”

Then, Su Yu and Pudding exchanged a smile as if they had a secret between them .

Other than Huo Mian and Xixi, who were pregnant, and the children, everyone else had taken quite a lot of beer .

What was a simple lunch extended all the way into the evening .

At 6:30 PM, Qin Chu checked his watch and thought it was almost time to end the meal .

“Guys, let’s continue tomorrow . I’ll hold a dinner party at South Hill Manor, and we can have more wine together,” Qin Chu said .

“Good! I’ll try my best to bankrupt you by drinking your most expensive liquor,” Gao Ran joked .

“No problem . ”

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“Zhixin, where’s Mom? Did you send her back?” Huo Mian looked at Zhixin .

“Yeah . I arranged a driver to send her to South Hill Manor . You’ll see her when you get home . ”

“Okay . ” Huo Mian nodded and felt happy that she would see the senior members of the family soon .

“Young Master Su, tell Auntie and Uncle Su that I’m back and will visit them soon . ”

“Okay . ”

“Grandpa Su doesn’t know about this incident, right?” Huo Mian asked .

“No . He’s been in an international meeting in Jing City and I didn’t tell him on the phone . ”

“Good . Grandpa is old and I don’t want him to worry about us . ” Huo Mian was satisfied .

“Handsome Su, you drank a lot today and can’t drive . I’ll get a designated driver for you,” Pudding said .

“It’s not necessary . An is outside waiting for me… We’ll go home directly . ”

“Zhixin, you come with us to South Hill Manor . ” Huo Mian glanced at Zhixin .

“Okay . ”

“Bella, you come with us, too,” Huo Mian added .

Bella nodded, feeling a bit shy .

When they walked out, Gao Ran pulled Qin Chu to one side, wanting to talk to him in private .

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