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Chapter 3196: 3196
Chapter 3196 You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss 6

“Yeah . Zhixin, you’ve been with Bella for a long time now . You’ve reached the age for marriage . Just do it,” Zhu Lingling cheered them on .

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“Haha! We’re still young and focusing on our careers . ” Zhixin was still shy .

“How time flies; even Zhixin is going to get married . When we were in high school, he was only a wimpy kid and always got in fights with his classmates,” Gao Ran exclaimed .

Qin Chu nodded . “Time shows mercy on no one . With our kids growing up, we’re getting old . ”

“Great President Qin, do you feel sad when you imagine the scenes of your twins getting married?” Gao Ran teased him .

Qin Chu’s face fell .

To tell the truth, he really didn’t want to see his daughters get married . Even though they were only a little bit over three years, he sometimes imagined the scenario of them growing up, falling in love, and even getting married .

He knew he’d feel lost and reluctant to see them leave home; he was sure he’d cry when that happens .

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“Don’t tease him . ” Rick glanced at Gao Ran .

“Haha! I’m happy . When Little Bean marries my son, I’ll have a daughter-in-law in our home . ”

“The same with our home . ” Wei Liao joined the fun .

Mr . Qin’s face looked darker .

“If you continue bullying my husband, I’ll show no mercy on you guys,” Huo Mian cut in with a chuckle .

“What? Mrs . Qin, do you want to separate the love birds?” Jiang Xiaowei laughed .

“Of course not . I’m not so heartless as to break up the love birds . But I can have live-in sons-in-law . Even Tang Chuan agreed to live in our home . By that time, we won’t lose daughters, but you’ll lose your sons . Do you have plans to have another baby?” Huo Mian teased them .

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“Qin Chu, your wife is crafty… She’s your good student, right?” Gao Ran gave her a thumbs-up .

“Sister-in-law, I’m the innocent party who got shot in a battle, right?” Tang Chuan didn’t know if he should cry or laugh .

“But she’s right . Do you want to go back on your words now? It’s not too late though . After all, there are lots of beautiful girls from rich families around here and you can take your pick . Those women are eager to be your wife,” Qin Ning said .

“No, no, no! I only want you . Sister Ning, please don’t dump me . ”

With a puppy-look on his face, Tang Chuan massaged her leg…

“Fellow, you look so shameless when you try to gain favor from your woman… I despise you,” Wei Liao teased him .

“You’re no better than me . When you pursued Sister Wei, you were basically putting her on the altar and worshipping her,” Tang Chuan retorted .

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Sitting beside them, Su Yu lifted his glass and said with a chuckle, “Go on . I like watching dog fights . ”

“Now that you mentioned dogs, we do have a single dog here…” Tang Chuan said .

Su Yu: “Fu*k…”

“Young Master Su, it doesn’t feel good to be single, does it? I noticed a new device was invented lately just for guys like you; they are better than sex dolls . I’ll buy you one for your birthday . You’re welcome . ”

“Trust me, I can kick your private parts so hard that you won’t be able to have any sex for the rest of your life . ”

“Stop it . We have children here . Mind your language,” Wei Liao reminded them .

“Uncle Su, please go on . I love these jokes; they are super fun,” Gao Boyuan said in a northern dialect .

Everyone laughed at his words .

“Chief Gao, your son is not as innocent as before…” Huo Mian glanced at Gao Ran and said .

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