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Published at 10th of June 2020 03:10:06 AM
Chapter 3195: 3195
Chapter 3195 You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss 5

“It was not bad . ”

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“Did you catch him?” Rick didn’t say the name, but Qin Chu knew who he was talking about .

“Yeah . ”


“No . I brought him back . ”

Rick: “…”

“You want to use him as bait to get a bigger fish?” Rick seemed to know Qin Chu’s intention .

“Yes . ”

“Good idea . But… it’s not easy . They are much more difficult to deal with than Huo Siqian,” Rick reminded him .

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“I know . ”

“Well, Bro, I hope everything goes well with you . I’m ready to join hands with you anytime . Just give me a call when you need me . ” Rick lifted his beer .

He seldom showed any emotions on his face, but at this moment, he was smiling .

Surrounded by a group of people, Huo Mian felt almost overwhelmed .

“Sister Mian, do you feel any discomfort? I always feel sleepy…” said Xixi .

“Pregnant women are always like this . Don’t worry . Are you taking folic acid?” Huo Mian asked in concern .

“Yeah . We can buy everything in the U . S . Rick bought me folic acid and calcium tablets, etc . ”

“Good . Can you send some of this stuff to me through the post when you go back? Things are good quality and reasonably priced over there,” Huo Mian said with a smile .

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“No problem . ”

“Xixi, I think you can be apurchasing agent (TL note: someone that buys in foreign countries to sell back to people in China) in the U . S . It’s a good way to make money,” Zhu Lingling suggested in high spirits .

“Um…” Xixi looked a bit awkward .

“Lingling, don’t be silly . Her fiancé is loaded, and you tell her to be a purchasing agent? What are you thinking about?” Jiang Xiaowei laughed at her .

“Ahem… It’s always best to have more money . Everyone likes more money . Some of my clients love luxurious bags but can barely find any new products here . So, Xixi, you can buy some for me when you go back, and I’ll pay you . Okay?”

“Okay . I’ll go shopping when I have time . ” Xixi chuckled .

“Sister Mian, when will you return to the hospital? Lately, everything is in a mess in the hospital…” Chen Jie told her in a low voice .

“What happened?” Huo Mian was surprised .

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“We have a new female doctor in the OB u0026 GYN Department . It’s said she’s a niece of a high-level official in the city government . With poor medical skills, she’s quite arrogant and likes to make trouble . Everyone dislikes her but can’t do much about it . ”

“Really?” Huo Mian was surprised .

“Yeah . She’s not young but not married . An old maid… Very tough . ”

“Well, when I go back, I’ll see her . ” Huo Mian knew she wasn’t good at confrontations, but she couldn’t allow such a thing to continue in the South Side Recuperation Center .

Previously in the First Hospital, Huo Mian had even reformed Wu Xiaoxue, who was Director Wu’s niece .

Now here came a niece of a high-level official in the city government; she’d have a task on hand .

As she returned to her normal life, Huo Mian found it was fulfilling and happy .

“Sister Mian, the company had recently expanded to many new areas . Zhixin and I talked about it and decided to make a few trips to Taiwan and sign agreements with some big clients over there . ”

Excitedly, Bella reported the new developments in the company to Huo Mian .

“That’s wonderful news . I think it’s all due to your hard work, Bella . I know my brother’s abilities . ”

“No, no! This time it’s really Vice President Jing that worked very hard and did a great job . He’s outstanding now,” Bella praised him .

Zhixin scratched his head shyly…

“So, when are you two going to get engaged?” Huo Mian asked very straightforwardly .

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