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Chapter 3194: 3194
Chapter 3194 You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss 4

“You see what’s happening . ” Tang Chan laughed .

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“You… How did you guys find out we’re here?” Su Yu remembered he only posted a picture in his Moments and didn’t reveal his whereabouts .

“Our C City is not big; it’s not difficult to find you, especially when your Sesto Elemento is so fancy and eye-catching…” Tang Chuan wriggled his eyebrows .

While Tang Chuan and Su Yu bickered with each other, the others got emotional as they saw Huo Mian .

“My Mian! You’re finally back . You scared me so much… My eyes almost went blind from crying . ” Zhu Lingling began to weep again .

In the past days, the moment she closed her eyes, she saw Huo Mian’s face in her mind .

She remembered the many things Huo Mian had done for her . In high school, she was bullied and Huo Mian stood by her side and helped her .

Later when she had a scumbag boyfriend, Huo Mian helped her get rid of him . Then Gao Ran proposed to her, and she got married and had a son .

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In the past years, Huo Mian had become her indispensable friend .

Whenever she thought that Huo Mian was dead, Zhu Lingling felt as if she was suffocating .

She refused to accept the fact that she’d never see her bosom friend Mian .

So, when she saw Huo Mian stand before her safe and alive, she couldn’t help herself from crying again .

Everyone got emotional when Zhu Lingling burst into tears .

“I’m relieved that you’re back . ” Jiang Xiaowei wiped her tears .

“Mom, don’t cry… Auntie Huo Mian is back and safe . ” Wei Yunchu pulled out a tissue and handed it to his mom thoughtfully .

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“Sis, you lost weight…” Ni Yang choked out the words .

Growing up without family love, Ni Yang had regarded Huo Mian as his elder sister and was quite emotional to see Huo Mian back . Seeing her face had gotten smaller than before, he felt hurt inside .

“Director…” Chen Jie began to weep and couldn’t continue .

“Sis…” Zhixin walked in after parking his car . Seeing everyone standing around Huo Mian, he squeezed through the crowd .

Seeing Huo Mian, he was so excited that he ran over and picked Huo Mian up, lifting her into the air .

“Ah… Zhixin! What are you doing? Let me down . ” Huo Mian was terrified of heights .

“Uncle, are you nuts? Put my mom down . She’s got a baby in her belly,” Little Bean tugged at Zhixin’s clothes and said .

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“Right, right . I was too excited and forgot that you’re pregnant . ” Immediately, Zhixin put her down .

“Sis, Mom and I missed you so much . We thought you were…” Zhixin’s eyes turned red-rimmed as he said the words .

“Hey! What are you guys doing? I’m back . Don’t weep like this as if you were attending my funeral…” Huo Mian said with a chuckle .

“Pooh! Don’t spout this nonsense . Don’t jinx yourself… Are you nuts?” Su Yu gave Huo Mian a hard look .

Huo Mian stuck out her tongue as she realized she had misspoken and hid behind Zhixin’s broad shoulders .

“Yeah, we are obviously happy now that Mian is back . Let’s celebrate it . Waiter! Get us beers! As much as you have . We’re celebrating today,” Zhu Lingling yelled .

Then, a lunch of five became a group banquet .

Fortunately, Mr . Qin had been wise and booked the whole restaurant .

Rick sat down beside Qin Chu and asked in a low voice, “How was your trip in Australia?”

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