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Chapter 3193: 3193
Chapter 3193 You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss 3

“Yeah,” a man of few words, Qin Chu answered her with one word .

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“Oh… Then why didn’t you tell me… I was worried . ”

“We’re back now . ”

“When will you come home? Uncle and Auntie are both worried sick . My dad is…”

“We’ll come home after lunch . ”

“How can you have lunch at this moment? Come home immediately . We want to see sister-in-law . ” Qin Ning was impatient .

Qin Chu hung up without answering .

“My brother is infuriating; he just hung up on me . ”

“They are really back?” Tang Chuan asked .

“Yeah . They are back and said they are having lunch . ”

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“Damn it . They must be with Young Master Su . No, we’ve got to find him . ” Tang Chuan laughed .

“Young Master Su wouldn’t tell us . ” From the secretive way that Su Yu posted the picture, Qin Ning knew he didn’t want to leak the information .

“I can still find him without him telling us the address…”

Picking up his cellphone, Tang Chuan opened his WeChat and called out in one of the chat groups: “Bros, any of you see Young Master Su’s car today? Anyone?”

Instantly, replies came . After all, the people in the group were idle kids from rich families and their main business each day was eating and drinking .

“Huh, I seemed to have seen it around Wangjing Road…”

“Yeah . I seemed to have seen it, too . Right, it’s Young Master Su’s Lamborghini Sesto Elemento . ”

“Wangjing Road? There are many restaurants there . Anyone knows where he’s having lunch?” Tang Chuan asked again .

Someone popped up and said, “He must be having western food . I saw him with President Qin’s twins . ”

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“Got it . Thank you, guys . ”

Tang Chuan put away his cellphone with a sly smile .

“Did you find the address?” Qin Ning cocked her head and looked at him .

“Certainly . Young Master Su took the twins out . Even thinking with my butt, I know they are in Green Tea Restaurant . Little Bean likes to eat the ice cream and pineapple buns in that restaurant . ”

Qin Ning: “…”

“You’re good, Tang Little Chuan, you can even do deductions now?” Qin Ning gave him a little punch .

“Now you see how smart your husband is . ” Tang Chuan was smug .

“Yeah . You’re so smart that you are balding… So be careful…” Qin Ning teased him .

Tang Chuan: “…”

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Being the typical little speaker, Tang Chuan broadcasted the news to everyone .

After he guessed the address, Tang Chuan sent a message to everyone in the group secretively, telling them the address of the restaurant where Qin Chu, Huo Mian, and Su Yu were having lunch .

In half an hour, a miraculous sight came when all kinds of luxurious cars drove to the Green Tea Restaurant one by one and parked before it .

The cars included Gao Ran’s Jaguar and Zhu Lingling’s fancy orange Audi TT .

Wei Liao’s chauffeur drove him here from his company in a Rolls Royce Phantom; Jiang Xiaowei came with their son from home, driving a white Maserati .

Ni Yang and his wife drove a low-key black A8; probably influenced by Huo Mian, he had taken a liking to the Audi brand .

Tang Chuan was high-key today and drove his new black Ferrari with Qin Ning sitting in the passenger seat .

Rick and Xixi came in a comfortable extended Lincoln Limo . After Xixi became pregnant, Rick had seldom driven racecars .

Zhixin and Bella came, too, with Zhixin driving a silver Porsche .

The media reporters thought a celebrity was having a party in here and waited at the entrance for entertainment stories .

When Su Yu saw the large group of people, his brain blanked out…

“What’s happening?” He was dumbfounded .

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