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Chapter 3191: 3191
Chapter 3191 You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss 1

“My goodness . Handsome Su cried again . He’s really good at crying… Is he a crybaby?” Little Bean said .

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“Handsome Su cries because he’s happy to see Mom back . He’s super happy,” said Pudding .

“It looks like a dam has broken… So many tears . In the three-plus years since I came into this world, I’ve never seen Handsome Su cry his eyes out . ”

“Me neither,” Pudding agreed .

The sisters reached an agreement, which was unusual for them .

Qin Chu didn’t know if he should cry or laugh as he wondered if the two little devils were really his daughters .

“Stop crying . You’re not a child . Shame on you!” Huo Mian couldn’t bear it anymore . If Su Yu continued crying, she’d cry, too .

Pulling out more tissue, she wiped at his face roughly .

“Damn it… What are you doing? You’ll ruin my make-up!”

“Make-up? You’re a man; you put on make-up?” Huo Mian almost spewed out blood .

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“I had an interview at the TV station this morning . The damned make-up girl patted flour all over my face,” Su Yu complained .

Huo Mian laughed . “It was powder foundation!”

“I don’t know what it was . It felt sticky… If you ruined it, my face would be a mess . ”

“It’s a mess right now . ”

“Ah? Really? I’ll go to the washroom and wash my face . ”

Then, he rushed into the washroom .

Huo Mian returned to her husband and daughters .

“Honey, now that we’re here, shall we have lunch here?”

“Good! Good! Mom, you must try the ice cream in this restaurant . It’s delicious!” Little Bean recommended .

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“Okay . We’ll return home after lunch . No one else knows we’re back yet,” Qin Chu said .

Rushing into the washroom, Su Yu splashed water onto his face repeatedly .

After a long while, the cold water finally woke up his stunned brain and he could fully process the fact that Mian was back .

She had come back safe; she didn’t die or get wounded; she didn’t vanish .

She just appeared before him with her elegant face and a faint smile .

Remembering this sight, Su Yu still had the urge to cry .

Calming down his emotions, he finally regained his composure .

Looking at his image in the mirror, he murmured to himself, “It’s great she’s back; it’s great she’s back . ”

When he came out, he saw the family of four sitting at the table .

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“Handsome Su, come here . ” Little Bean beckoned at him warmly .

“Mian’s return is something to be celebrated . We can’t eat here . Let’s go; I’ll arrange something fancy,” Su Yu suggested .

“It’s not necessary . This is good for me . Sit down and eat with us,” Huo Mian invited him with a smile .

“Come, Handsome Su . You must sit between me and my sister . If you sit by my mom, my dad would be jealous; if you sat by my dad, my mom would be jealous; if you sat by my sister, I’d be jealous . So, you must sit between us . ” Little Bean was an eloquent speaker .

Hearing her words, everyone laughed .

Without further ado, Su Yu took the seat between the twins .

Qin Chu picked up the menu and ordered more dishes; the five of them chatted over the meal .

Qin Chu told the whole thing to Su Yu briefly, but due to the presence of the kids, he omitted many bloody scenes .

“Then… Where’s that bastard Huo Siqian?” Su Yu asked .

“He’s already under my control . ”

“Why didn’t you cut him into eight pieces and dump them into a wolfhound’s kennel?” Su Yu hated Huo Siqian’s guts .

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