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Chapter 3190: 3190
Chapter 3190 Su Yu is a Crybaby 20

“I just wanted to give you a surprise . ”

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“Mommy… Wu… You’re bad . You caught me off guard . ”

Little Bean cried uncontrollably and complained that her mom didn’t give her a warning and made her shed tears of happiness .

Pudding also shed tears, but as usual, she didn’t say as much as Little Bean did .

“Mom, it’s wonderful that you came home safe . Thank God . ” Pudding held her hands together as if she was sending thanks to God .

Watching the two little kids, Huo Mian’s heart almost melted .

“Come and let Mommy kiss you…”

Not caring for her image, she held her daughters and kissed them repeatedly as if she couldn’t get enough .

“Mommy, is the baby okay?” a thought dawned on Pudding and she asked solemnly .

“It’s fine . Don’t worry . ”

“Yeah! Awesome!”

“Seeing your mom, you just ignore your dad, right?” Qin Chu crossed his arms before his chest, playing cool with them .

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“Of course not . We love you as much as we love Mom,” Little Bean immediately said the words to please her dad .

“Really? But who just badmouthed me behind my back?”

“Ahem… It must’ve been Handsome Su . ” Little Bean immediately placed the blame on Su Yu .

Huo Mian stood up with a chuckle and looked at Su Yu .

She had thought he’d retort after the kids jokingly made him the scapegoat .

After all, it was Su Yu’s high-profile style .

But she was mistaken . Update by Listnovel . com

She glanced around and saw Su Yu standing alone at the table with his back to them, seeming to be wiping away tears secretly .

The sight brought a lump in her throat .

“Babies, go to your dad . I’ll say hello to Uncle Su . ”

Huo Mian stood up and asked the two kids to go to Qin Chu .

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The twins went to their dad obediently .

Huo Mian walked to stand behind Su Yu .

“Su Yu . ”

“Huh?” Su Yu answered but didn’t look back .

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m fine . ”

“Then turn around and let me see you . ”

“Well, we’re old friends and you know how I look . Haha! You don’t have to see me . ”

“No . Turn around,” Huo Mian demanded forcefully .

Resigned, Su Yu turned around .

The others saw his eyes were red-rimmed… Obviously, he had cried .

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There were still tears on both sides of his nose .

“Whoa… Handsome Su cried,” Little Bean said .

“They are tears of happiness, right?” Pudding guessed .

Qin Chu didn’t speak but understood Su Yu’s feelings; after all, his feelings for Huo Mian were and had always been different from others .

“You cried?” Huo Mian’s heart ached for him because she had never seen Su Yu like this .

“No . It’s… I tell you we can’t eat sashimi at this restaurant because the wasabi is too damned spicy . I just couldn’t bear it . Haha!” Su Yu tried desperately to conceal his emotions .

Huo Mian glanced at the table and saw only steak, spaghetti, and ice cream; there was no sashimi .

Obviously, he was using this awkward excuse to conceal his loss of composure .

Huo Mian didn’t expose his lie; instead, she pulled out a tissue from the nearby box and handed it to him .

“I’m fine… The baby is fine, too . Everyone is fine . ”

“That’s great,” Su Yu said with a smile .

“Su Yu . ”


“Don’t worry about me . I’m back safe and standing before you alive,” Huo Mian said solemnly .

Hearing her comforting words, Su Yu burst into tears again .

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