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Chapter 3189: 3189
Chapter 3189 Su Yu is a Crybaby 19

“We’ll give them a huge surprise . ”

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Huo Mian took Qin Chu’s arm and skipped in happiness .

“Dr . Huo, please be careful… You’re pregnant . ” Mr . Qin’s face paled in fright .

“I’m fine . I’m really tough…” Huo Mian smiled guiltily .

When the black Bentley Continental arrived at the gate of the airport, Qin Chu helped Huo Mian into the car .

Their bodyguards all climbed into the two Benz MPVs behind them .

In this way, Qin Chu and Huo Mian finally returned to China safely .

“Honey, what did you do with Huo Siqian?” Huo Mian asked .

“I handed him to Gao Ran who has put him into a small individual cell in secret . We can’t allow him to be in contact with other people . ”

“Okay . ” Huo Mian nodded and didn’t ask more questions .

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Leaning her head on Qin Chu’s shoulder, she looked at the familiar landscape, feeling as if she had been away for a long time .

– At Green Tea Restaurant –

“Handsome Su, you’re not busy today?” Pudding asked .

“It’s okay . The same as usual . ”

Su Yu lowered his head to eat some ice cream .

“Handsome Su, did my dad call you? He hasn’t called us after he went to Australia . ”

“No . But I heard he called your aunt . So I think he’s fine . ”

“He didn’t even mention my mom . We’re so worried . When our Old Qin gets willful, he’s out of control . If I were my mom, I’d have chosen you . Handsome Su, you are handsome, rich, and most importantly, obedient,” Little Bean said . Update by Listnovel . com

“Um… You would’ve chosen me because I’m obedient?” Su Yu didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh .

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“Yeah . I like men who listen to me, not those willful ones . My dad is willful,” Little Bean complained .

Su Yu nodded his agreement and concluded, “Yeah . Big Brother Chu is vicious but silent . ”

“It’s not right for you two to badmouth Dad behind his back . ” Pudding glanced at them .

“It’s okay . Dad can’t hear us anyway . Hahaha…” Since Su Yu treated them to ice cream, Little Bean flattered him and insulted her dad in the process .

But they didn’t realize that a surprise would pop out when they least expected it .

“Little Bean, is it fun to insult your dad this way?”

Not far from them, a magnetic voice asked from behind .

Instantly, Su Yu and the two kids looked back .

When they saw Qin Chu standing there alone, they all looked a little disappointed .

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But then Qin chu moved one step to the left, revealing Huo Mian dressed in a cream-colored dress . With her shoulder-length hair and thin bangs, she looked like a high school student .

“Whoa… I hope my eyes are not playing tricks on me . Is she our mom?” Little Bean exclaimed .

“I think so . I almost thought it was an illusion . ” Pudding got up and couldn’t remain calm .

Of the three of them, Su Yu’s reaction was the most violent .

He stared at Huo Mian without blinking like a moron as if time had stopped .

“Hi, my babies . ” Huo Mian waved at them with a sweet smile .

“Ahhh… Mom… is back . ”

“Mom… I missed you so much . ”

The twins dashed toward her at top speed . Huo Mian squatted down and hugged the two cute girls .

“Mommy, why didn’t you call us? Ahhh… I’m dying of happiness…”

The twins lost control of their emotions at the delightful surprise .

Fortunately, Qin Chu had cleared out the whole area since he didn’t want people to witness this scene .

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