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Published at 6th of June 2020 04:10:05 AM
Chapter 3179: 3179
Chapter 3179 Su Yu is a Crybaby 9

“Guess . ” Qin Chu smiled deviously .

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Huo Mian’s face blushed as the dirty thought jumped into her mind .

“Honey, no . ”

“Why not?” Qin Chu teased .

“I’m pregnant . We can’t do that three months before giving birth…”

“Do what?” Qin Chu continued to ask, playing dumb .

“Hmph, you know what I mean . Don’t act dumb, okay, President Qin?”

“Doctor Huo, I missed you too much that I turned stupid . If you don’t tell me, I won’t know what you’re saying . ”

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“Bullsh*t… You know what I mean . Anyways, we can’t do that . ”

“What should we do? I’m a normal man… Honey, look at how much pain I’m in by abstaining…” Qin Chu pretended to be in pain .

“Wait a bit longer . Uh… one more month, okay? Just wait one more month…” Huo Mian said mysteriously as she put her finger against Qin Chu’s lips .

“No . One month is too long…” Qin Chu sucked on her finger . The flirtatious movement made Huo Mian blush .

“Then what do we do…” Huo Mian felt bad .

“What should we do, Honey?” Qin Chu laid his head gently on Huo Mian’s stomach but made sure not to apply pressure .

“Ahem… um… why not I buy you an inflatable doll?”

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Qin Chu almost laughed so hard that he choked when he heard that . Who in the world would suggest buying an inflatable doll for her husband?

Before Qin Chu rejected, Huo Mian continued to say, “Which celebrity’s face do you want? Fan Bingbing or Lin Chi-ling? Which is prettier?”

Huo Mian was a doctor so her sexual knowledge was abundant . She had frequently chatted with her coworkers about sexual health .

There were many single males who were addicted to inflatable dolls nowadays . They would like ones with pretty celebrity faces .

“I don’t like those . ”

“Then which do you like? I’ll make one for you . ”

“Sure . Then make one that’s the same size as you and looks exactly like you but the breasts could be bigger . That’ll be perfect,” Qin Chu said with a stern face .

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Huo Mian now realized that Qin Chu was joking .

She punched his back .

“Hahaha, President Qin, you’re playing me . ”

“Who dares to do that? Doctor Huo, wait no . Director Huo…”

“Okay, stop okay . I’m laughing so hard that I’m scared I’ll hurt our baby…”

“Don’t worry . It’s our child so it can withstand that little blow . ”

“Good point . Honey, do you know why our child was alright even though I jumped off a cliff?” Huo Mian suddenly recalled and asked .

“Huo Siqian probably did something in advance to protect you,” Qin Chu guessed .

“Smart . Huo Siqian did something to that wedding dress so it’ll reduce the impact… The funny part is that Jack told me this . That psycho… Every time I see him, he scares me to death . If Huo Siqian is a psychopath, then Jack is 100 times sicker… Why would his second personality be so evil?” Huo Mian held onto Qin Chu’s neck and sighed . Read more new novels on Listnovel . com

“I actually do hope to meet Jack once…” Qin Chu said slowly .

“Huh? Why?” Huo Mian said with confusion as she didn’t understand what Qin Chu was thinking .

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