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Chapter 3178: 3178
Chapter 3178 Su Yu is a Crybaby 8

Lu Yan smiled as she slowly walked over to the killer .

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“Be careful, Boss…” one of her subordinates warned .

Lu Yan didn’t care about the warning . She walked over to the male killer and put her ear in front of his lips . When Lu Yan heard the name, she smiled .

Then, she threw a fruit knife over to the man .

“Good . You can die now,” Lu Yan said .

“What about my family?” The man seemed worried .

“Don’t worry . I keep my promises . ”

“Okay . ”

Then, the man picked up the fruit knife in front of him and stabbed it into his heart .

“Clean up . I’m tired . I’m going to bed…”

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“Yes, Boss . ”

“Sister Yan,” Amy called .

Lu Yan looked back .

“Did he tell you who sent them?”

“Yeah . I have an idea of what’s going on now . ”

“Oh…” Amy saw that Lu Yan wasn’t going to tell them so she didn’t continue asking as she was afraid that they would become suspicious of her .

In the other big suite, Huo Mian and Qin Chu had just finished showering and were now in bed .

Huo Mian laid peacefully on Qin Chu’s chest . It seemed like it had been a long time since she felt his warmth .

Although they had only been away from each other for approximately 20 days, they felt like it had been a century .

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“Mian . ”


“What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about Yan . ”

“About what?” Qin Chu asked softly as he stroked Huo Mian’s hair .

“I’m thinking about how she went to the washroom during dinner…”

“Yeah . ” Qin Chu nodded .

“When she came back, I smelled blood on her . ”


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“I think it’s not just perfume . I think that girl killed someone again,” Huo Mian said worriedly .

“Honey, Lu Yan is a world-class killer . She has her own army . That’s how the game goes . If you tell her not to kill people, it might be harder than telling her not to eat . Sometimes, Lu Yan might not want to kill people but she’s been in that world for so many years . She has many enemies that want her dead . Do you think she can do nothing about that?”

Qin Chu tried to explain Lu Yan’s job to Huo Mian .

“I know that but I don’t want her to be a killer . She’s still young . I don’t think she should live so violently . Yan probably has a lot of money stored up, right?”

“Not just a lot . She’s extremely rich . Even Hollywood stars aren’t as rich as her,” Qin Chu said with a smile .

“Yeah, so she should retire from that world and live the rest of her life peacefully . ”

“Honey, it’s not as simple . She’s in that world . There are things that aren’t up to her . ”

“Yes, I know but this is how I think . I’m planning for her so when she and Qiao Fei get married and have their own kids, she needs to take another path . ”

“Yes, my wife sure is smart . No one can hide anything from you,” Qin Chu said . Then, he gently kissed her forehead .

“Probably not anything but I’m not stupid . I could sense it during dinner . You and Qiao Fei probably knew what was happening from your looks . It was like I was the only one kept in the dark there…”

“No . We just think that now that you’re pregnant, there are things you don’t need to know . ”

“I know . ” Huo Mian sighed and nodded .

Then, Qin Chu’s hands started wandering into her bathrobe…

“Uh… what do you think you are doing?”

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