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Chapter 3177: 3177
Chapter 3177 Su Yu is a Crybaby 7

“Lu Yan, don’t you dare threaten me . Maybe other people are scared of you but I’m not . If you want to kill me, then just do it . ”

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This man was mentally prepared to be killed as soon as their mission failed .

In the beginning, there were six of them . They were confident that they would succeed but before they could even reach their final destination, Lu Yan had defeated them all .

Now that he was the only one left of the six, this man knew the fate that awaited him was not bright .

“Give me a computer,” Lu Yan said, putting out her hand .

One of her subordinates immediately handed over an ultrthin laptop to Lu Yan .

Lu Yan put the laptop on her lap and swiftly tapped on the keyboard . She was still in her bathrobe .

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Very soon, she got the results . She turned the laptop over so the male killer could see the screen . She read slowly, “Hu Baoming, male . Originally from Nha Trang, Vietnam . 34 years old . You moved to China 20 years ago to live with your Chinese relatives . You’ve been living in a harbor city amongst the China and Vietnam border . You repair cars . Your wife’s name is Wang Shuzhen . She’s from Yunan, China . 28 years old . You two have one son and one daughter . You and she are only a common-law couple as you’ve never officially gotten married . Therefore, your children still have no official identity . You hid your identity as a killer while you repaired cars . You were poor but lived peacefully . Why would you take on the dirty work again? What would your wife and children do if you died?”Read more new novels on Listnovel . com

The man was dumbfounded by what he just heard…

He never expected Lu Yan to find out his whole background with just one laptop . To his surprise, she even dug out his days back in Nha Trang .

“Your daughter is the elder child . She’s eight years old . Her name is Hu Yanhong . Your son is Hu Yanjun, five years old . ”

“Don’t touch my family!” The man was no longer able to keep his composure as Lu Yan was able to figure out details of his family, including his child’s name .

“So are you still sure you won’t tell me who your boss is?” Lu Yan asked patiently .

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The man slowly responded after some hesitation, “If I told you, my children and wife will die . ”

“Oh, so someone is taking your family hostage,” Lu Yan chuckled .

“You got married and had kids . You shouldn’t take on your old job again . If you really want to be a killer, you shouldn’t have gotten married . You sure are stupid to put yourself in such a position…”

Lu Yan sighed…

“Miss Lu, I know you’re almighty . I did this myself . It has nothing to do with my family . I’ll apologize to you with my life,” the man said . Then he was about to bite his tongue and commit suicide .

“No . If I can’t find out my answers, then I’ll be sad . When I’m sad, I kill . If you’re so unwilling to cooperate, then my only choice would be to send your children and wife down to hell to see you . ”

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The man paused . He no longer had the courage to bite his tongue .

Lu Yan saw his hesitation so she added, “If you tell me, then I’ll promise your wife and children’s safety . I’ll also make sure they live with material abundance for the rest of their lives . What do you think?”

“Do you mean it?” the man’s eyes sparkled with hope .

“Of course . ”

“Okay, then I’ll tell you… I was recruited by one of my old colleagues . He told me that this was a big job that was worth ten million US dollars . There were six of us so each of us would have over one million dollars . With that money, I thought I could take my wife and children to the city and live a better life . My children would be able to go to a good school… But…”

“Get to the point . Who was so generous to pay ten million dollars?” Lu Yan looked down and asked .

“He is…” The man seemed scared of even speaking the person’s name .

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